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Full text of "The longer thou livest the more fool thou art"

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Menrg W. Sage 


NtnrnrT958 — 

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0£C '%m:\ 

Cornell University Library 

PR3178.W21A7 1568a 

The longer thou livest the more fool tho 

3 1924 013 166 701 

'^ht ^nbax ygraimiU Stasia 

Under the Supervision and Editorship of 

%\it f 0n0£r tbflu f ib^at tljc more 
l^flfll tlj0u art 

By W. Wager 

[c. 1568] 

Issued for Subscribers by the Editor of 





-a..^ / ^ 

o E- 

TLbc TLnbot ^facsimile lEeyts 

JF00I t!j0u art 

By W. Wager 

Date of earliest known Edition c. 1568 

[B.M., C. 34, e. 37] 

Reproduced in Facsimile 1910 

Zhc Xonoer tbou Xtvest the more 
jfool tbou art 

By W. Wager 
[c. 1568] 

The original of this facsimile is supposed to have been printed c. 1568. 
The Stationers' Register has the following among the entries from 
July 22, 1568, to July 22, 1569 {Arber's Transcript, i. 386); — 

" Recevyd of Ry chard Jonnes for his ly cense for pryntinge of a 

ballet the lenger thou leveste the more ffoole thoze* 
iiij d." 

There is record of two other plays by W. Wager {who must not be 
confounded with Lewis Wager, the atUhor of"- Mary Magdalene "). One, 
" 'Tis Good Sleeping in a whole Skin," is said to have been destroyed by 
Warburton's servant ; of the other, " The Cruel Debtor,'" till recent years 
the only known leaf was C. Hi. in Bagford's collection title-pages and 
scraps among the Harleian MSS. Mr. Edmund W. Gosse, however, 
came across a double leaf, D. and D. 4, among Mr. W. B. Scott's black- 
letter fragments. These three leaves will be included in the first volume 
of facsimiles of Dramatic Fragments already announced in this series. 

[//; this connection the Editor will be pleased to receive information of, 
and suggestions concerning other fragments of a similar kind that it 
would be desirable or useful to include in the three volumes of fragments at 
present contemplated.'] 

Mr. J. A. Herbert, of the MS. Department of the British Museum, 
after comparing this facsimile with the original (C. 34, e. 37), says 
" it is admirably done." 




I^VtlJie Com««B(e, calleD Thcidh^er 

tIiottJiad(jtIietnorcfoolciliojjidr& ? 

|S ^^^rousbei^it0cei(arte{d^fQ«($)iint» 

^ectaU^6i2 ftRQware Ufct to comit0%« 

nitie aiiD p^om^ion : Mtmatt ' 
' • '. tDtUiSMCflre in me 9atiW i ' I ' ^ 


, nlotesnge* 

VV. Wager. 

1 t . f •» 







' ' ^ ■«fciUper4if^.^^■ 


Moms. 3ffnojaiicr, - 

^ttttUtubm, people. 
jDIeneffe. ^l^iu&s^tmi^ 


5^0 Prologue. Exerdtacion. VVraduT 

1. Cruelic. Goddct Iu<rg^ent. ^mmt*- 

' '■ i 

i^i^mn. I . ■■•!■■ -I 

. . ■■ . i r - ' i ■ ■ :' ■ — ^n 

The Prologc. 

I Riftopliores aigi ValeriuslJOflj f en, 
3lntrottitetb Pericles tn a Commcoit, 
2Di)at t?c being rcunceO) agathc out of l^dl, 
Qlnto ILijatbcntenfes DtD tl^0 p;»)pbcftc. 
ysmst bp no 2.70ns tn ^our Ctttc0 toantonl?) 
i^e; a« ton b;ing tbem bp in actes pcrntciotut, / 

^ointbcfame^umaftbetotbcmobrcqutous. ^ x 
^7 tl^rattb Valenus bc botb abmomO), 
S^at rid) men fonncs be from eucU manncr« reframcS 
SLeaff tbat t»it]) p;ofare fonones toe bo tbsm no^i% 
USertue of tbem euer after be Bilbaineb : 
^0 tbat tobcn aut!)o?itte, tbci? banc obtainca, 
SDbei? tlicm Mute being giucn to inconnenience, 
^pjelTe tbeir fubieajB bnber tbcir obebiente, 
fiDb bot*^ noble a tbtng is goob ebntation) 
fo} m effates profitable ; but (oi tbem ttjiefel? 
Mibt(t)b7 btrt^ are litce to bane gubernation, 
3|n pnbltbqae taieales, tbat tbcf^ma? rule euer iafOsg t 
f-o} iDbile tbe ttomane« bio fo;fee tbis matter tDifci?, 
JLitt^ bab a tDtfe Senate l»bicb p^eiiafleb altoat* ^ 
dnb fl^at being negletfeb,tber fell foone to becai;. 
SLo be agooB man it fe olfo c]rpeoient». 
j2Dfgoooparent8 to be begotten anbbo;ney 
Binbeebe to aU m^n it is moS euioent, 
jLbat aple^aunt Uofe fp^ingttb oUfb^rpt SCbo;nr, 
ysnt commonlt of goob ^eeb p^ocebetb goob Co^ne, 
CDoDB fBarents. in goob manners bo inffmct tbeir cbilbCj 
Co^iiceting \iim toben be beginnetb to groin iuilbe ; 
SLbe bringing tip of a cbilbe from bis tcnber age, 
Snbcrtue, isa greatbelpeto beanboneft man* 
IBottaiben foutb is ftiflfrcb to baue bis otonerage, 
3|t falletbto mo^ calamity notn anb tban: 
3l)Douto tBift ^^ents ano lifters to bo tobat tbet tan 
S5otb to lea(b wxt mvea tbeir i?oatb toitb reafon, 
%fiat a muf profit ttre publique tueale an otbcr feafon. 

■ t«i; «■ 

:.r..(. ■ 


^age, fober, crpert, leameD, gentle mi p:uBent> 
tllnocrfucb ^n^tva ^outii cm nener mtTcarte, 
il'a^ettber tbe^ refrauteeuils U)tt4goQ9a9utretn$nt>; 

^i to occupi? tl;rmfnt)0 gooDlclToiijS 00 mtieitt :. 
SDo ^otitb notbins in tbe ixia:l9 i^ To pemtdoua ; 
^ to be conuerranMiiit;^ maders locttitouS) 
IBjinslos t? te a sjreat tfi Dilltgcnce, 

' 1ButhotWng,03aer£ei)t,tsfoftrongof jyturc, I, 
5t:a;t neitber councell, reamtnge no; raptence, 
Can an eotll nature to boneS manners atlure : 
2D0 toenot ree at tl)ere oaiett Td manp paft cure> 
SCbat.notbingcantbctrcrobeOne»reief(e> ' 
S^tU tiit^fmt beftroteo tbem t)tterl? t 
SCbe Jimage of rucb perTons vue ttmil introDuce* 
i$ep;efentcD b? one Vubom Moros U)e tio ca|l» 

' SSpbtmUiefl^ Declare tbetintbiiftieaburf) 
]g[>r fucb as b^ leuer to foUig ana Jpuenes ra(f« ^ 

' Sben to ^et&en to {Sapience u^en be ootb 0U. : 
SCber^ p^oceffe, boto tbetr tobole life tbe? do fytnue, 
0no inbat Ibatnte tbc? com to at tbe lad enoe : 
vaberfoiefbisttir nutter toe entitle anoname* 

• The longer thou liuefl the more Foolc thou arte. 

dre tberenot mans tDbicbtu t^ereAr.tbe fame^ 
^et IVnarrant ivout^ano naturaU]? piap tbat^tarte* 
^ea,euen from tbe inogment feat bnto tbe Carte: 
ISS/at trull? Uie mesne no perfon perttcuUrls, 
)5at onl? to fpectfte of fucb generaU?: 
l^olfom ledbiis no^ ano tbanioe (bait enteriace> 
^000 fb; tbe ignoumtrnot bttrtfuU to tbe toife, 
. l^oneltmirtb(baUcomi<i,anbappe3reinpIace» 
^ot to tbaauaunceinent, but to tbe lliame oft)tCj?> 
%o ectoll mrtae txtitbtut Caile is our oenife* . 
' iSfeafon toe (ball Defieri^ouofpactencef 
. . ;anbtom^em|jteri;l0eUHUooojtrQiUig.e)tce» 

'■■■"-^': ■ ' m^ FINIS. .. :■;„ '■;-:' 

>< !■ . 

"'[■ , ^yngJogthefootcflfininy-SongeSjas&olet 

ffitic Sf nrtc IBjome on l^ujr bin, V : 

SCOe 116^01^ i(anoe^|! on l^ne b<U a. 
tittobm tenprto tne.tft? iBotoe, t^B Botoe, 
ISobttt tt^etotp, isabth lenDe to ine t\n bote « 
(t SCftere Vws a spa^De com^ o«tof »ent, 
SDctntte looc, Dciitftt loqc 
y SDljmtDajsaniasoecamoiitt^f&enf* 

JE^retBapja mapfit cam oa{pfa«T^,. 
i^ai^^e* p;»)p;e) rmaU ant) sent* 

; f- iFojfoijbiwft.itbip. " 

I' €3i5B«Nftca« J Ia?i3l!a^ - ' .- 

|, ^jiruigi^.pntl)mg£rpa(t*beglioto. 

it:SCmnalinantibuitDtfe,atii)bi:9lDtu00motbet? t 
SDbe|7iDentoiierab;tDgeaIlti)ieetosetb(r, ' 

* dPeb^eto/ttbjM^nanfet^fellm, 

«• fOi)eS>eittH0dMtbaIIqtititbSComalm. 

"C^arHttftoaitanbbtBman^roDleiHimfolileouttT; • / 

.' ^rtinrhQartanDbumanfo&leDnmbdU 

-': ' 9!<£omot»rtbel5oo}nell5ei&, 

■f-'- '' ^iitttepjetieffieffic,. i.i '^-..r - ''^■■^ ■'.■■:■;'■•■■ .-'^^^ 

I €a:bcto&tte2>wwfatontbcCaffeKt»att» ' - -- 

3beni)i9i?]iBotiianblbooteber3(baiI, «' j 

3litjtfcift«iiip<Dlooebotbfetber«anoaII. I 

/ . 3lter6mtllB;<8lebpantbefti>Ife, j 

t _ 3lfl?outDUIanp<«o«fmBifpQurfelfe; .» 

, ' Piic^ne. ;© ILwbc are poll not afbanwD, -.«.." , • " j 

flDbtabaiulrtbe time to Ijrcnse, -■ 4 

'- ^ ; l^oiirfriciibwb^l^oaareotfamcOf H) :I ^ 


( An«wCofninedie,ei][Iei V; 

I 3ltooulo^ue^at^S^retoameni; 

i W^t,toagoooagenoUitQagrotD> 

I iturtimcc^iUitflbneCretofo^ra&e, 

3itDOulDfinDeromU)battooo3trotoe) ■ 
0no not Itbea foole ruc^ a no^re to ma&e, 
<Doi?ns tp anD Dolone like a toitleOie iBo^y 
(bulging ano beUotDUig like a DatDSy 
3lf ^on tutll not amenD tbut to?, 
vaie tDtU b;nig ?ou to an otber atoe. 
Moros. HbaueSLloentirmorongsset, 
3 fono tDoman to ms ^otber, 
flt 31 biar iDont in bcr lappe to Of, 
^i)etaugl)tmetl)creani>manpottier> < 

31 can ftng a fong of Hobm ISeob^cS, 
;anti mp title poetic /^ifibtutgale, 
SDberebluelUtbaioUi? i^Serbereb^ludEf 
fllfo 3 com to o^inb Tom of sour Cb;ittma0 a(0 
Wban31)DaIbebt>tt?(^(fiBaIonV» . • ,v 

3ltootbntesooDmsrong0torenoer» jj-; 

&iicbp;ettctbtnge0looaU)roonebegon, rpf 

Srjlfiioulbnot romtimet^trememb;;. 

DifcipIinCj, GaadecftuItisNaturacreandis. ' , 

i;^ ^atarebatbapIraAirei^oIegtocreat) 

l\ Vt malms atquevrticis&vilibttshcrbis* 

>\ 0B^UotDC0,i^pttIe8ani>tocriir<ort|iatrat^ ^ 

I ' Hufuntobtufoingcniocraflocercbro. *<: 

. 20)erearemtUortottanbofagro(I^b;iaine9 

i Ecnihili pendant animi bona depeciludo. ' 

K 0nb ret at noufdttiaertuegtaen to paOtme trains 

aDbefc berrcs Jl ma? on tou iKrefiC) 
iErcept ?ou toil! tafte an otber l»a?y 
31 tDoulD be gM) tonr manners to rectcfie, 
3ir?ou tDolD beare tnbat 3 tDiU &S) 
i^o)0iame3lfa??etagaine, . ^ 

i^o^get ?our babtfl) banttte* 
i^oU? ano bice ton mutt refraine, 
;anogtn&?onrrclfetobinnamttty ... . -r' 



The lenger thou liueft the more foole riiou Mt 
Moros. aanrBOOdatfconrBftigqfmpSCojjpe, 
l^ou tootdDlaog^ to fe m^ moTel tbe pegge;, 
/> ^aponmponctootep^etdpjcanftopBe, 

f i fliioQaiituetnmli?d)OtttaitCg0e: 

f,4 airo,tD()entoeplasimobnntt<feAr, 

U' ' 3loatrunaUe()«bo?e0intfteftl)ooIe: 

^l> motljrr goue me a HSonle of 15o]r; 
t ^loneBlamtotontilefuctiatoolt ' 

■sissr* acanconifoflrtpbcbuujeallBope, 

;;^ dnogtuel^abtoloanDrnnatDa?: 

. #? motber teac^ttime man? a p^etieto?, 
, . |^oa4)aiItmott)tubatt<ie?b£0neBap, 

tM ben 1 figbt 9 m? fatber tboa ooeft parpoCe 
^ w pCutJtt Ijhn DptoaiD bp tbe beare ftill, 

QSilitb tb? itnocUed ftribe bun on tbe nofe, 
%ttlmnots»9tilltfjoaijauet^inUL " 

Difciplioe. Qaale$q''jfquefibinato$eduxithabcl>»t. 

la^xme h^oisetb tp»^» Cbtto^en (bitb be* 

1^0 (ball be baue tbem, loifeo; ivttbmit tmf, ^ 

rv^«w fl^berfo;eparentBarefobIame«0bereU)cfe« i 

;i *7 aiBiitfopounotojipjappoiifril, * 

* .. )I5etberctbe bed leOiomtof pour )da»neif/ 
}: >loros. J^ofbjfootb3lainr»igrbejbamtcel&eU, 

^ ;aniifetcbficrtobrntbepgotoflpattin». t;^^ 

Difcipline. ^Better it toere to baue nocottcarton, 

Sl^en *o be inftrncficD tnanp part of Jbolatrg 

* i^o^tbereunopartlottboutabbomtnacion, - 
*- aiBntaUtogetberfiillofftctManbberelie, 

» woros. i^ap 31 canjMO>etbrtbat,barkem pour care 
2Co call bun Itnaue 3l go not bcbin&c tbc boo^ 
:~ 3IBe bolb ^ mp Gatber anb bo not fcare, 

I Difiripliacy ^itbo«tbonbtfticblcbJficpcrfBn«tbcrcare, 
\. ;anbtbte<*tbctaufetbatfomanreuillmcn, 

r ^oft>replcmlbtbecartbtoitbrojrotoanocare, 

S jpot one fioob man is frarflp among ten, 

: JUtjtbiiM)ngrad9a0anbfoQlUbjper^ 

I ■- 

i. . 

J yZ Ttieknger then Ijueft the more fboletliouaiti 

' ^.. Moros. 3|anr0OOftatrcoargmgorm?Co|tpe) 
^ C ' ^outDotdolaogiitorememoreltliepegs;^ 

'^ tnponm? one fbotep^etd? J am ^oppe> 

»/l flnooautuetnmli^aboiirsnC^gge: 

^\f'- diro,ti)|)entDepIa?anDbnntt|ielb]r, 

l^-" 31 outrun aUtt)8bo?e0 in tberc()00le; 

f~. #{?mott)rrgauemeali5ottleori5o]r; 

;' 0tone3ltimto()antilerui4atoole 

31 can com foftl? bebtnoe a HSope, 
^\ ^ogtueirnnftbloiiianonmatDa?: 

. ^pmotberteactu^ttimentan^ap^etieto?, 
i ^ |^oa4)aUbnott)tubattbe?beenriap» 
' ^' ^ tMbcntofigbt^msfatbertbonooeftpurpolie 
^ ^. p4ucbtlmnt)ptDarDbt>tbebeareftil(> ^ 

',,■ HKlttbtlr^linocUesftrtbe bun on tbenofe* 

■ ' UrtbtmnotsoettUtboabanetbctntfl. : ;i1 

Difcipline. Qualcsq'^jfquefibinatoseduxichabetut. 
latone bjiitgetb tpttte Cbtto^en Gaiitl^ br* 
^0 (ball be bane tbem,U)ifeoj)iiitboat tut* ^ 

-t^*.w\ SLberfo;epa»nt0aretoblamea(8b$rel»eref V 

14 iy 5Biitto?ounoto3lpj8?BoaUU, ^ 

^ jMoros. ^ofbjiootbJcancmgtbeJbaimcellSeU, 
' ^ ;3nbfetcbfierfDbentbe?soto^tttn0. 

Difc'iplincv IBetter tttotretobaue noebucahon) 
. '^ S^entobeinSructcDinan^paftofBitiolatr^ 
f i^o;( tbcre u no part Isttbout abbomtnacion, 

"' M SiSutaUtogttbtrfullofbctfsanoberene) 
, Moros. ^ay J canmo^e tbr tbat,barfeem pour cat;* 
%o call bun Itnaue Bl go not bcbtnbc tbe ooo;« 
^ 3IB«bolDgpmi?Catberan&bonot&are, 

Jftb^motbcr anger tbec, call btr U>^>ojc. 
Difcipline^ lUttbout Doubt fucblctKbepcrfonstbere are, 
; janbtbtetotbecaufetbatfomanrcuiHrncn, 

' ^oit^replemlbtbecartbtDttbro^roiD and care* 

^ot one good man ie frarfl^ among f rn, 
*^ * ■ lUtjtbtttDnfiradQtwanbfooliftperfci^ 


.11-. s 

5Mketoljcas bnfcji^feapatrort, 

j^oi tiit lone tW toe otoe to numltmiii, : 

Slnocbjeflpi)tito€t)?ifttaratte, ■■::. ; 

'^tESietofllpjoue to alter fttftinmBe, ";■ 

anDb4ngjjtmtobumanttte. ; . / ■. 

I?icti<. flUftatlerigWbonojaWeDifcypfcnc; l 

iSSLtU occupies ettcr mo;e | oo igm^xm * ^ 

S!n(lructingoneo^otberliittDiOO(trme» . 

. accojoingto^onr/^turallfetHBe; ^ ■ 

'Qail;icbt«botbcoml?maraief0teteac^ : 

.Sntt^fotomimfterttijretfton; ' , > 

te*- 3i^all men tJtitopoar piect^fftoool!) rtacfti" 

$i!00ne fiioulo be dettfeo aAi iitfi;(tto». . ^' 

Bifciplme^ ;^ inelcom Pictte,tl^e luo^e of tUtertiie^^ 

3n roa confiffotbsoiutboitonr i)rrtaeant»loi^ 

mijt^otttifj^txM no goQbtbmscan enfiK> 

f ^bstbecti^lbatt)aoetl0Oi)ap;«ie2^ 

« Htc fine \^!BCutiMias nifail e(l {nitatOf ^ 

timttbout tbe tebifetp ofdDoootiintpotettf^ ^ 
t!il!ll^^teamet»meR]^^perlfeattPictie ^ 
^ j9>ttier;aertnesbetbe?neaerfi9meUent« • 

r ., areetteitwDiHifa0tWti6«oft)aitte. - 

txarciutio an^a»Uert«^tenot»ertaeftitfrwtPieti« 
^^ tirftftbttt tbt feme, bttt carriwt betfi^it«» 
Pietie i0 a f itto lionqi of «]Do8« maieltt^ ^ ■ 
tBMfiertoitb cftjitliaiwlljoulo beenmiefr, . 
<5flBtoiBo;tl»<p, totone, tofearfctop;«fi^ 
T^Mf^BcommauRbemttitstoboepr ^ >:• _ 
' ffiobebcnipiettiiibtel|itue«n<3^tc«an9«ft|» 
. ii:;btspjoppertsfecaHcBtP««i6|fai?. .^ 
Moroj 3l5sm?trotbtf?oatoacaiwifej^ooi»lw 
' ■ 3toiUbiitig?ontoap;etlea5trwiw«ft»;;'>J., 

taerelpi tbinSe it be a r«j ©811816* ' . , i '^ 
^be totobiteinibe tafle, aiuibl»%tm£^»f * 
,pj(^piia«. s^ttjKertl^aUueltrSetttb^ei^tflirt 

■*« "t ' ' ■ ■-..'.■.-. "1,.. 



I Tihclongertliounueft the more fcoIethoB art, 

SCbe mo;e inff ni(tion,% lelTe Ibaptencfy 
CracctotU not enter into a fooltlbliarty ^ 

3lntq(ttttc ffoppetb out intelligence 

SCo ^OU Pictie, anO Exercitacion» 

JlBut a can bane none otber commontcatfoit, 
^0 fcainlptjaac l)is parents no?il6eD bim. 

Pietic. 2Dbu£[t6eCfciajanpoettoto;igI)tU>aj5too»f, 
mitboat intmftrp, aU tijtngs mojf aU, 

Naturxinfcjnftu.fponteruunt. , * 

SB? ben? nature, tnto bice DO fall: 
SBntaslpefeebpeirpericncc, \ 

a barren i^ielo is maoe fat anfi firtli^ 
3f men toUI abbibit tbeir Dilligcnce, 
Sltib labour about it a isbtle: 
J^o tbougb tbi0 rong frUolo, be fbofifb as i^ef* 
maitb labjur ano oiUigent a&mbnition, 
l^e mai? in t«ofli»( of time, (eame tDit, 
;ano foe iDiUing to talte eruDition. 
Iscerdta. ^^rtne batb ben? baro entranncef » 
3But reaop is the bia? bnto bice ; 
.^btbereto fall loe all, not bi?cbaunces» ^f 

^QlDtoberastbelLafisebntatton, . ; 

l^atb btn mbe,lboIia),fonMnDbaine 
iL.etbsgiuebimgoo6info;mation, ^ 

janb to p^mt bim let bs glaWg tabe pafne , 
pifdpiine, tH) t?ou (humour inDeaen 
SCocanfebtmperftttlBtokttotDPietie, ' , 

JCbat is;<5oD to feme, to fea re, f loue, f tpnonr 

^nt)bts]aarentstoobe?tDitbbiimtUtti«. ' 

JCbcn ?ou ftnoto^ tbat 3 Excaitation, 

0cco?otngas ailball fee bisaptnes, 

^. «3IlberfapbefljaUercbeU)3iolene6. '^ 
Moroi. 3n &. /^icolaa flwmbles tber is inougfr* 
.'iDzinCaacbeape,oj at ^aintfeatberins, 

S^bm b^fiOQO la^bbings at tbe Hgne of t$c jaiQtigb, 

. ' AncYTComraedie,eal1«A 

DifapHne. fi^isfolluwnotfttsBlnnocencp^ ' 

©nbtcft jan in tl)i5 totfc, tetool? oucrtolbait, 

5i5at it i« a malicious Jnfolentie, 

^tjid^pjoceoetbfromatuic&cDbattej "';i . - ; 
tiaip, Com^itljerbjotl)cr,coml)itl)cr: . t 

^onr name to me ?ou muft Difclofe. i •; I 
pifcipTuK. i^foll^bismatteroiDconttDer, _ ; - 

Pierie. Morosisafooleb^intcrpjctacioii . 
55at toiftcim goctb not all b^ tfte name, ? 
^ tijat is a foole in conoerfaf ton, . ; 
jas a foolc in oeeae tor ma? ijim blamcir i 
gbnotofomtbatbtnamcbbappst > 

;ani> fom gooD, blelle0» anD fij;tunable, 
^et trid? tberf be none mojx bnlucfe?, i 
®Bo?femo;etoicUeDanotjnp,wfKtabr, - * 
-" g[nDtbougbMoros,afooleDotbfismfie» - 
3f?outoillfaruegooa0?oaoa5l)toilligcntl?»^ .:;* ^ 
tteCbaUgiHe^ soup jag tttll. | 

ftiotoi. 3ma?teUtou,m?iPatberDioliHeinetoctt 
aamtbetoifefttbitatbateacrbeljaD, > 
gDften times 3lbaueber5t)tmfa?oj tell, '., 
spe boi? Moros toill pjone a toife Hatt. 
iKKitation. iifigotttan remember ^ourfatbere feeing, 

^b? can sou not remember gooo leffona aftocu ; 
«ou ma? not fet T?oor mmoe bpqn placing, 
iBut appl? ?oar felfe to SKfciplinescounfell. 
ptfcipiinc. S|^counfclli«(tbat?oafeare<IDoDaboacall: 
50;ta? t)nto bimta giuc Tjou &apieiwc, 

Ccafe not tjpon bis bol? name to call : ' 
^e meefte in fpjtte,faft anb boepe abfttncnce, 

!^is ^inifter3,|5jetae3 anDi^eacbets, 
^ucb as rule tbe bolt? Cburcb'Catbolique; ., 

iDbegSlmeancfucbasbitrtteteacberSj *~ ' ; 
Companie not \uitb any l^erctike. . - ^ 

;anl^eretifoj,l)iml)Qls2Po£to;«9««U, " 

I } The longer thou liueft the more fooie thou art, 

Mbicb errcf f) in (©oDfi moff facrcD fecrtpf arc, 
Mljitb is blinDc ano fatb not buf oUme fall, 
JBut malictouflp Dotb in crrour cnourc, 
SCbegrcatett l^ercfic tbat cucrtoa«, 
*^atb tbc pope anD his aDberrntcs pubh'flico, 
^ratbc i^ercOcof arius it Dotb paffe, 

i^o? Cb;iff c ane bis bcnrfitcs it batb erf inguiibeti, 
e-ramplE bpfbc VuicfecD ^alTe fatirfatfo^ie, 

aaibif b to Cb^ftcs Bcatb tbcp mabc wjujuoUnf, 
fox tbcp tall it a fi>acnficc p<K)ptciatD;ir, 
tiEibttb t0 an bcrcCc mott pcttilcnt. 
assfntj pmer to ftjainctr c tbat be ccau, 
tiSilbicb IB a great popntc of infiDcUtie, 
i^cj tbcp fojfabc CbJitte tobid) is tbe beao 
®n bo taugbt to too?fl)ip in fpjitc anD beretic. 
Excitation. Cimf)OurrcttetDifelpagarne, 
SDifcipUnescounfeU anDjnortition. 
Maroj. Canar-vesjtroUsaicananDtbatpIa^e, 
3frou fuflfrr aie toitbout interruption, 
i^irftljc CaiBDcare an 06 cnBc toitb an all , 
|Blap noto anD tbcn in tb^ matters abfencc; 
Ceafe not a hnane bp bis rigbt name to call, 
spaO) on tbefcpittc is patt abttwcnce. 
Difdpiiae. iloc^oatPtrec'iDDbatapatroa tbist«^ ' ■ * 
ffitfinfce ton tbat^jeis not paft grace. •: 
Exfrdadon. fPet J faf, be tftatbatfttD it to DO tbif, 
fil&a? turne to ©f rtuc alfo in fpace. 
Pierie. Combitber3lp;aptbetellmcbutonefbfnff, 

IPato imeiiDefi; tboutoline an otber Dap. 
Morofc ^oujjfmlpwabemer^iiaonceanttffng, 

fbct cocbe a tobope, anD plai? care atoag : 
Piedc feeing tbat poubaue none otber rerpect, * 

JBut f oar life Daies tn follp to TpenDe, 
Difripline mnft poo nolo anD tbcn fo^retf, 
SDb^ tmto InifDom pou map pour felfe benbe, 
MorM. CoirettQjbci'tDbpflwnaibebcaten? 
^ fittber voitt not fuffcr tbat | trolu. 
Bifcipiice. |0«ii bfgin w bt ftabbie anD too?me wte «, 

£ai aftct i)iQi 










A ncvvCommedie, ealkf~ 

3(tis time S^alttpon ^outo ffrotir, 
j^trra* DO ^ou Tee tobat 3 l^aue bere, 
SDbe \oift man totUetl^.anaire to Ijauc a rcoarjj^e;^ 
l^ou Hiane Itavntn foll^ man? a i^eare, 
i^rom tbe fame noto I mutt ?ou purge: 
i^ou tbat l)aue tbe tutt to mocbe ano to(mnt, 
Wt)at iDtt i?ou baue to tntfbom Bl toiU fee, 
xapon four noest^ts rcourge(!)albcU)o;ne» 
C^rcept tou Inill Tpeabe ns^tl? after nte> 
Bl tDtll loue ant) feare dDoD aboue alU 


)^e mtgl)t t outbfafe to gtue me fapience.1 

l^e migbttoucbfafe <c. 

3 Ojall not ceafe on bis bolt name to call* 

BKballnotceafe «c. 

2Cbat be istll open mine intelUgeme^ ^ ;i] 

SDbatbetoiUw* J 

Wdlfa?D» i 


^a^ttie fame tierTetf alone togetlier»\ 
iltbe as too fa^D tbem after me. 

&as tbe fame i)erfes alone togetber^ 
Hi&e a0 sou fast> ttiem after me. 

1^ meaning sou do not conQoert ":: 

fllone sou muff fap tbe lierfefl a0 tbes be^ 

1^ meaning sou no not conQDer, 
0lone sou mull fas tbe berfes as tbes be. 

^ou mas fap no moie as be DiD faSf 
K^e Dio but teatb son sour iDO^oea Uitfels to frame 

|9on mas fas no mo^e as be Oto fas^ 
^e DtD but teacb sou sour U)o;tDe3 lutfels to framt 

WSLitl) an tngractouB fooU loe fpeno tbe Das 
l$e tumetb all to a mocbe ano a game. 

{SQlttb an bngracious foole toe fpenQ tbe Das> 
!^e tnrnetb all to a mocbe ano a {^me. 

tmeration tbcs fas giueti) intcUtgencct 
3n otbcr inbUe 3 tutllpjoue sou Voitb ms fcourge* 

SSeroctontdec fas QtuetD tnteUtsence^i 

I . 





Tbelohpt ttenJraeft theiacite foole thou art. 
)3n«tfier iobtteSllotir p;ottei?iKr1irit6 mt ficourjsi 

Wiitii correction aina? fntmutt pitrsf . 











mit^ co^redon atoai? iveniaff purse. 

tfiilie tottl Mte ^ tDbtU tan Oo Krtotbeflt (» 
ILa); onDifcyplme, anODo not Tpare. 

H trotnf 3 M nu&f i?oa all riue to rtoeaf e. 
Com one fo; one, ami f o; i?ou all 31 noe not care* 
HBom^ of goD, ala0 m^ arTe, oat,Dnt no mo2r> 
Crte tou merciei a teQueatmce t^e ton> 
i^o; 0008 fabe leane mine arfe u( ro;>e 

3 toil! fa? as )^ toiUliaue me fas wiv* 
J&act(|u& , r .; 

31 ioiU lone an& feare <?ot) abone aU» 
^ migirt toucbfafe to gtue me Sapience; 
SlUiiUnotceafe on bis bol? name to j»U> " 

Snbat be mai? open mine intelligence. 

<iDooo fonne fas tbeft tDo;mes anotbinbe f fame 
Slnxt \ot IniU teacbe i?oti otber gooo4eiron6 moei 

^on baue pnt me oat <Doxt giue nouSimah 
l^otnot tpbicb Ina? tbe S^entl tbe^goe. 
ClS^etetbemagaine^tDiUloue fc 

31 loi& loue po;nDge loben tbe? be foD) ISeef f al 
if 02 ^tton gooo &auf e is S^alte ano i)nnions9 
TOp bnto tbe bieDtdie inbJ^n mg SDame tbei? call, 
IWe Ae jqpenetbtbepie, | pidbetbe)9inton0. 
' i,etb0iiBdfetio.t|uij^hboui?fid>6attbi£tbole 
f^ tbe mo?e be w taugbt tbetoo^fe be is. 
' ^loe bim,ano 3l toil! tea^e bim a neto fcbool^ 
l^can Ij^e tbe rij^t tbat can fpea^c tbt8> 

iS>bet^mt no mo^ j p^t; ^on bartlp, 
IB^makf^SM to Mifc .l^meo tbem tbis toa;« 
$»0)Ntii|teJ|lfiMe^tfii)ti»anD fins merely, 
' 9BHt 3^tbiBl(e no (am^ e tben bp tbts oai?« . , 

3i»i'S0«iertMJ fomc totoarbneB fee, 
iF^toinabi^ottaman b^bo intend^ 



.tiz : 









" tCo laaglj* to be mtt^, to ffntje, times ftjerc bCt 
SBHt tit fuc?) tWndW notD toe Ijaue no time to fpcntJ?, 

iLetlJBf^arB^olD Difcypline^ouDotnOcrffanO* 
SEOc fcttteftcc fl^'ie ftatft faagbt roti do ^ou fa?. ' 

2D9«<*f feWfoap 3^t^kc^to cfcapetoiirjjano 
L*^'1teu't31trufttbbteUthWtf?«^oeiencDai':' • ' 
3|toUUou«anofearesbDabduea((, ^ 

- l^c migl)tt)oad)rafe to giueme feaptertce, 
3ftotllnotxcareonl)wftoi?»ia>«etocall, • 
.SDt)atft€ map open mUictntcnigcncer ^ 

EJbis totoeltiftt be fpobiatlx)*!) t^c bmt* 
/Pcarid rbmtintt taufttbViOtmttl&ttoit. 

3 can not fpeabeiri fuppttfe tottbout ^barte* 
afterfearccomctljaltoagconfolatton, • " 

3 perceiuc tijat ^ou Iwuc toit compctcntlte, . 
3if ^011 tDouRi applic it tiito t>ertue, 
W t toil! inttrad ten fuiffticntl^ v 
3f ourBDotfrine roo totll bumblp eiifoe 

15^ b0 pou Qjatl baue tbtii commooitte, 
3fti tbte life pou fliall be in rcputarion, 
after ilris life poa fdall baue felicttie: 
'ffbatiiijoietntbtljcaucnifljabitacion, • * 

^ tonne tbii$ ojbcr tott^ rou toe totll ta&?, 
i^frft 3 toill comit i?ou tnto Pictie, ' r 

Wcfi the true fcruaunt of Coo Ojall rou maftr, ^ 
jano teatb tow to bononr bis Sj&aicftie, 

CJ^etelct Moros bettoene cuptv fentencefa? 

C5au gcarc, gOoo ftufe, tierp toell, ftnaoo, , 

iB«t) fbcf) mocftrQ) trtmcff. 

SCo lone bint, to pjai? to bint, Dai» anu niflijf* 
SCo bnotoe biif Tonne 3(efiMi Cbjitt, 
t£qualc toitb tbe j^atber in fobffance anb mtgbf, 
Sibe bol^ dUboft tbe autbo? of loue ano concojoeSi^ -'' 
3!n bim poo fliall W.^Mc <5ow toojb^ to bcarc, 
^oar Butte to tb^^hifters of tbe fame, 
Mlbo tbe mifterifes of ©ob in tbeir barta bo bears 
2Doeftecmetbefacramcnt8ccbeonebT?nam«, - 
Picji« toill twclje Eow Boar otitie to btn0e% . 




The Ii>»ger til WKutff^tfcis mcrfe foole thou art. 

t^ntOitubom t>ou muft be obft>tmt in alt Unnges ' 1 
^Conreratt^ ti^e fiatittt»aBiviatDei» oftIreCountrt£;> 
.'3tiBP>etie iMjurl^aretifsto obe^, 
l^eei ^ut ^;iintejino Coantret to oefetio, - 
,rr;JE^eiioo«tdcomflBjtEHeraf touimai?, " ,? i ■ .n 
5^o;,tbetrutbes fafte'l?onr bloUO to fptn&> : 
M«fc)ft, ■ ^a? boo tbtrc b^ (SoD'alt ttjinss faae bliam 

.)^rtbatb^eaketb m^beao 3 toAlb^eattebitasainr. 
Pktic 'i^ourbnoerltanDtngiittlKttiBnorgfooOt ' : 1. 
$l»ticb appsttttsf onnta&altM; ref)ratoe» " 
EiciciMtioa. ^srtbattonareentuieBlml^|[^ietiei;' J 
3ln me ijon fbaU baoe CSiccrcitactan, ■ 
. S^o i?oar oiune anb ofber mens btflitte* > 1 
. 9meane8lctvnfeB0.occu]mcion« 

VSlbubtoieamebo'^oarotlUgenccy ' 
anbbetnclraraeiyMtbeTameottnpii^ ' ^ 
janboccupieobrcrpericnw, s ' ii '" *. 

Difupiiar. ^oiu (a^ ^ qq totUi»ou QIiicU toitb ^^'efis* 
0nb leame bis inltnutionii toitb a gooo totll^ 
. M«m. 3|tbanbetwfb;tourgoobminbeto1ii8rDe mjp, 1 
3t\»iH Mtttr go f^m i^but DtatfU fDMIi>EO<^^il» : i 

Piedc. iFirftt»|it^fQUR,tcQiiiiKittIieareigitte3. 

?Baberetn ^v^ fi^ learite tob^t ^e toiU. of C^Qit i 
SCO p;(a? t>i^n and to learne ?our Cb;<ftf n belene* 
;ai]A to amen&^urmaniif r« tbat be amifff . 

MoiM. <^t0ranttrit{l)t8uiagoooUell5oobeinbceDe) 

^IBetjliereaqiefiMtnt^initan&l^tlecQlutB, -^ ' J 

3mavteUtou3ampaftaUmpCro9ei;aU)eaf j r 

31 baucieamcb oe^bhb tbe ten commaunbementef>. 

iDtDO^earcfi ago boubtlefiDsBi 11)30 paft grace*. . 

3 am in t({e mtttbcjt o((I!^ |i(j|t)geineat% 
. ^truf^4ofa«aiiSs^aftbe,U)|{iit|iiiilk^tQ»a(te. 
♦rent. ' ;|telttfcaiiea^ibrff|««fe4jjjiii}^ 

';S[n otto r U^afc ^o^ mnil tif pn« notu t r ul^ 
Morn. ^ffiAo%^ttt^s9it]^t<lj;i)t«ifif{^am$)S^ 



AncwComttiedic.calleJ ' 

^ou ftjall fee 5 toill toatf Ijpon ^on Vsltg, ' 
Pietic. jt is fotbatSma^tto longer tarrplwre, >,. 
3imuftgo!)enc«*,cometoill^agotott&me^ ,' 
Moros. |9eatljat3iDill,ftizber0telitle0ooBcfterf, 
?HaijatBOOOfareTOubau«3lparf)oretofe. : 
Difciolnc 3Loobetljflt^uooo^urfclfeljoneftlteIw6atic 
^ * ^ojapurpofetofepoufaerpoa^tfwtfe, 

; i^ettber motbes no;t ganoes (ball ?our f^innrfiut^' 
" 3l«Duifei?ou Hjcrefo;e to be ftoneftanDtDift. 
Excrcitatio anooinstoclUfeare^enopaniajraent, -"- 
IBe ruleD bi? tije counfell of aDtTdplme, 
^onrotonefblltetDUlbepoHriKtritiwnf, ' -~ 
3lf ^ou from Picne c^aance to oedine. 
Woroi. 3|toarrant?outn-patncofttDentielftarae«, 
31 am tuonne noU)* ^uflall fe me tertt l)oneS» 
"% ^at?cr3igoi?etIctmclmoU)]j8urname<^ 

' E)eclaretbem|p>ai?roaat»n?i'c/^oeft. 

Pifciplinc. ^oubnolDtbatm^nameuDifcipIine, 
Moros. ;!!icm\Dt\li'bentXoaiM>iritktSinUxtitttt . 

^ou are maimer JBDiriclte Huiitttne. 
Pietie. ^fttimes^onftaucbearfrraecaWeo'pfetfe, 
Moros, S^fttr ^inmattret^n mattter a)iricbe amitf mt 
Excrcitatio acfercifcmeningooDtDOj&cflaftttEDodnne, , 
;anCtfterfij;«E>fwitati6t|jc?caUme« — * 

Mores, drredatoffaafome^reteimittitatfoi^ 

K>lri6e aimntine l»tUgatl)er«o6e« of rtjelBawnotfr^ 
flnDbcateminearfettUttbeoutoffalftwrij , 

TOttljtbwDeuifetralsJcannotagre. t; - i 

Pifciplinc. ^^ijftanb SOU murmaringtbcre alone, | 

©ine eare tjnto tfte too;oe» tbat to ?ott be faro . 
Pietie. ComeMoro$,tomegooDfonne,3lmaftbeBone, 

SCo Dtnell tDttt mc,tou neetje not be afratoc. 
Moros. afra?iie,no3toiUgotDttftuotitotljetDo;lMen8ei 

apjomifepoatobetraemgbtanoua?, | 

ifo>tboagftncaerfomHc(>aboateme)?oaBorpen?» | 
a to«I not bearc tbe balo j of a penme atoag. - ; 

g^UGa before him and yet fifC. - ■ i 



""^ ■ jtiie longer thooiiueiHfte more fbolc thou a»t ""^ 

^0? al diif ^ojuw be ifl not t&e bef f cr one J^wrc. 
Oireipline. . WeUareafbntutti^tiinta&et^etiaine, 
^SSn^ir t»tll p;ou0 tf b}e can DO an^ gooo. 
Morot. Wttijtliemtflongi^ouDofjereremame]) 
tfio out puti 31 \ajll go fceUc a netD fl^after bg tfte roooe I 
enft^o joo. |^ototbmbgvcp,traI?3iamtn6tfpatre'' . 
^'""""''°' 3 fearetbat all our labour toil be loff, . 

^c iEt not bent ncitbcr to abftmoncc no;( plater* 
31 am aDuifeo to beltoto on bt^t no mo;e coff . 

Dilcipline. Ipraqucnonnmltocftjiaturapotcn^iorvni, 

3 libe toell tbat be 10 gbWte totf b ^rette, 
i^} conuerfatton tottb perfomc of beitue 
laiteretb naturefomettme fo; a fuertia : • 
•.CnSome ma^allbtnoeof manners bjlnfifo;f(» 
. SDbis to be true toeebnotobi? experience,. , 

' }lButtfbeoecaT>toeenwfttakeitattoo;tb» ■'•^' ^ 

3ttbeleaaiett)8Dooourbtligence. V 

Exerdtt. 3|ft,e^ai) been tab^fometobat in rearott* 
''f jstttBttttt 31 tDoulfiebane bopeb in bisamenbement i - 

toWiMtet jiBatfoUubatbfoouercbargeBbtfircaron, 
tr y.*'jJ'J5J*SDbatbei0paareojeire<nmBtuiigemenfj 
I ' ' ■ mbile a plant of aCrec is ^ongeanD tcnoer, 

'^ ^ou ma^ cauCeit to groto crobeo 0; rig^t ; 

^ ' ; ^(^acbiloe^tobileltnolDlebgelsbatflaiber, :a 

l^ou ma^ Inff nute tober^ ton totfl bi? ntigbt ; 
I,;. ]i5utaftertbepiantet0groU)netoatr£e» 

I si:>oanisbotomge it toill not gene place: 

1$ ' ^ofongefolbe«U)bent^agegrotonetbei9be» 
lSla]celtubb!Q;se:anb brofan tobnrate face ; 
jagaiArbfe1sof;aberteb«u{^tie nature, 
ia tottte,bnt to no gooDneiEeapplteb* 
J , 3lfbc0ialbe(WfereBtoenDafe, 
::^^a£be entll b$ bim fbalbe moltiplieb. 
Difcipiine ' iLettutreboliibeb«tbp?ofitfat)9ietie» , 
3f brgoetb an^'tbingfo^efuam tberetn.; ; 
mitoteboar,t)ertue,anDl)eritJc, ; ^ 

atoillbopebimeafel?tototnne, t 

J«;a«ilfaiWb««alitlebcfoje, ■ P'^uia^^ 


A new L oRimccK, cajiea ~~ 

Wbo fo Dotf) (Do!) fattbfuUi? farae anu fcare* 
0ito abouc all t^tngc0t)im feruc anD bonoary 
!^c fljall tl)?«uc,go fo^lBar5,anop?ofpcre. 
E««clution; 3btUuetl)attoitbPieucl)elDcnf> 
li^rom cojreition btm fclfe to Irnnoe, 
fo}ifiitto anjjijcrtuebebeitte, 
3 am mncl) DcceaueD trul^ in mj? mmfict 
Ccrtatne perfons JcoulDc rebearfebp nann», 
^aue pjetenDeo a great perfection, 
Sinn tubi^i^to auo^oe puntdiinent ano (bam^, 
E>ue foj tbeir bitions infection ; 
as fum faaue enf reD into religion, 
Mlbcrefo^ebecaure tbe? tetll not pa^ tbetrbcf, 
ZSSS. ben tbe? are perfons of no goo&Denotton, 
fo} ijpon tanitic tbeir barto are Cet. 

<Do toee foftl^ ano berben fb; bis fafl^ton,. • 
B!f toitb ang letoDneffejcbaunce bimto tatopt 
Bi (ball minifter to bim fucb correction, 
as fi)aU mabe bis fleC^ tremble an& ^a&e. 

IMitlt Pictie,^ou are not lifee bim to finoc* 
!^e luD put in bis beaii ttntfe or tb^ife, 
J§e loofeett) for mates ofait otber bint)e> 
Wbol^ be is seuen to foU?. anixlitce. 

I^eislittctoefeapi&terpnarotutp, , 
3f neifberof Xa catcbe Ititn b? tbtbacbe, 
Cjrcept be be tor recteo tbrongbl?* 
^luOl Oilltfebisfbolifliifanacke. 

Wbere t^. ocnillts tbeborfen firoley 
^ baitme et»n noto comeiiittKF; 
Hbonbtt^flte be is gone aga?n£ to fcboolry 
(Euen terp no\D toa toeare togetber, '. i 
SCrulj? tbe^ ioill make bim a fbole in oeeOtT 
SCeacbe bim gooB manners>Tt«icbe mwno^e, 
taaabcn poafa bim in learrang p^ceeoe^r 
SDbentDtU ^ matt a man itftbisloggr : - 
tailbatbo,lDberB art tbou spbrosviiJ&af do? 
S)oubtIeiretbe^ tabepa^neaboatea aone^;> 
£>ottng fo9ies ^ir^z to ma^s Corns to srQlo 





Gfi out both. 


■ I 

■ i) 

i.. J- KS 


The longer thoo liucA the more foolc thou aiti 

out ti)£ t>oo}i j^pmoic gooD fl^aiftcr SDiricfee sUuiMtne, , 

ttTakmBs 3lBor>teof©oDsoufaratemcrofo;e, ' 

Sma atom Make rouanorourfioarine. 
idieno. iPtofo^ccbaruelpUttftcmnotfpare, 
Wbat Dott> ttic foole mXucbe compan^e, 

£> tbat tbcj? tooulo b pate b>m on tbe butf ocbes bare^ 
SCO fe tftat 31 tooulu fpcnu an balfe pennp, 
tlKllttat boU)c Moros come b^tber Itap, 
i^e toill not tar? longe 31 bare U)arrant« 
l^e ano 31 mete eucr once m a oa?, 
Jbrtt«rtM«i*'if''^toil,lbefticfeetoplaBtl)etrciijanf» _ -'•■''^ 
locondncncc. ^IKlbaf Hblenestbepatent of allbtce* 
tmbo tbougbt tobauc founb tbebrare. 
lUeacs. 2Ebenarttbonne?tbermanner(stto;tDt(jt» 
/o^tfBioftiicebetbeiiarenfv -s .. . ., 

a:6entbi^pisrentBlmaftneebesbe» '<> ' • - :*i 
SDfjbn art a btceb? all inen0 conrenf» 
SEberfo^e it ie liite tbat 3i-beg^ tlite, 
bcoadncDcc #P pa«nt»»*pn Iwnc »«? parettt, • ■ 

^0 &]?} Bfain |90ur feHoti) anb mate»- ' -^ .%3^;I]co>e.: 
SlCbertDitbToai^fii^betDdltonteitt*^ 3»r 
5^0)3 JBrnorno'linaUtftaMr i iK 

. ,. Otitttti«riittvfoit»esvitiorumeftotiaibm«irtcfn, 
A d itiolta itiah trahimtoth comes ip& I&ido c(f.^ 

• 2^Ae0ort!ice0t8ap^oaoCRHoir> • - 
' 90 niani? ^ulto 3ibteneRi^ b;iri9et& t^^ 

Huft o;t letb^iWB tnctmatton, - 

SttfeUotDVajitteiteebi^bmbe, - •'"'''■ 

Hd^t^aili; p^^b^aatbo;<He» 

SE^bat j am t|)^ f(Uo\D as 31 ra^be, 

SCo1»e m? parent it txterc temerttte, 
^ourarsitmetttbere 31 baue Itai^b. 
ijicna %int Inere tbtneoUine toonoes anb not ttt!nr> 
t^ti«|Qrei)t^f«Ut)t(€ttiQnbibbcltiii?cau, - ■■* 











-' V . 



f ■■ 










A new Cdmraedie, eall«4 

ffben tt folotocf^ ttjaf 3 am tbme, 
jFo? tbou art tl)e great eft t««c of ett, 
jEfte greateft miftbetf tbat enercftauntt^ 
Cam b^ tbe meancB of mconftanct0) 
1=0? iDbereas tbou art cnljaunccB, 
%\)zrei9 all mtfcbefe ano tnrolencte. 

^^abe roume^ff aniie bacfac tit tbe Btniis ntmt 
^tanoe backe o;^ 3| tutll la^ tbee on tbe face. 

^arie fianbe tbou bacbe tottb a bene Qiam^ 
B|0 tijeire not roume tnougb tn tbe place. 

Hit is but a coppte of but countenaimce, 
Wrat^muft Declare bts pjopertie; 

I^ei8a0l»botasabengeance> ... 

j^tanoe bacbe antigeue btm libertte. 

31 baoloent it bab been anotber, 
3 tbougbt to baue getten t^a a bloio, 
^n m^ rage Bl fanonr not m? b^tbtr» 
^be nature of TOratb fuUtoen vou bo bnofjf^ 

Mlrnth anb spabneOTe tbeij (^B be all one,; 
Ratling tbat ^abneiTe botb l£ttl remaine ; t 
J5ut tD^atb in (oolts totll rptone be gone» 
l^ea anb as foone it toil come agatne. 

SCofflolesnotonlBtncpn.tinencie - 
3ls annejceb but tu^atb alfo furious;, • . 
%\ie mtnbe of fogies tDitbontj^emettde, 
^oone biaretb botte anbis temerarious. 

Speaking of Cooles, it cometbto m^ rememb^ticr* 
g tbougbt to baue founbe Moros tbe foole bere ; 

^e goetb to fcboole nolo tuitb a bengeance, 
^c Ojalbe a E>oaour tlje nett ^ert. / . 

Xo rcboole,ba> ba> ba^ asanjgrie as | ^m, 
31 muft laugb to bere of Moros f ucb nelses : 

arpafeetoitbbimasbttber3|cam, i ■ 
^no iDilleb bim tbeir rebooting to refufe. ; 

2Dbei? beepe bim tbere fttll bp biolence> 
jBut 3 fenotD tbat toitbbs is bis barte, ',<•- r-.i 

> tRIbetttbei; brings Moros bnto ^apienc^ 


- f,» 


The longer thott liucft tlie more folc thou art. 

%^n of mis nnoiXte Bl totll mabe a Carte. 

laieneflc. ^ fnppofc totll not he longe ftcnce, 
3|f b^ ail)? mcanes tc mas ercape. 

jBcontio. 5 5arg toage lottib an^ man fojtfe pence, 

SDo ma^e btm fboitl^ as totre as an Spe. 
Vrak. iDftattDagcrtottbtljeeoarttSllap, 
S^o mabe l^im fo Intfe t|)ou art not ab(e> 
l^o; lieu asberie a fboic Bl Dare ras) 
^no a$ ffarbe an BlQtot aa euer bare bable. 

idit&efle. ^e^butli^ei^albeafmo^efiooleset, 

Mben alt taiee tb;ee be tinto btm annexed $ 
i^o^ tbe traetb istie batir nolu fome tfiit> 
3i5ut<tf)en aK bie^tnittettibatbe {Terplereb, 
W itb me be t0 tieri; tneU aqtietnteD) 
51=0; all bi0 bjiQgins tp batb been tDit(rme» 
j^o tbatani?t)ertuebe contbe neuer re : 
, SDbereA^e pafttme b^ caUetb me altoa?, 
3ln pfaifes ano dames bebatb no meafare> 
ancontinencie WUm ti Atrmtift fat^ 
S^batt|)?ttaMetseatteb{iI^^re;' C 

lirtsnttDcn; 3liimcsUeorotDitfttbemtbatbelmre» 
Wratb ui iDonte to becaUeo manbooe. 
.Wratb. 3nsoot»foitblitl&neeiietbtbt0tieuire» 
jE^obecoUeob^inriHametftoassdobi *- ? 
SDotb beftnoforlDdat ibletttsHebatb mean^ 

. . • : -l&HoiDetlilietncohtinendeto be iea(l)en4' 
l^e oircerneffrnot Ueanei'om t)ncleane> 
. l^teimtnDetoaUfl^tontobletfe.^ 
latenefTe. &ei,fe,i0onlDejeouitiit$ebim^fooIe^ ' 

^ofabiiiaisteteabetliP'Onbt'steobe. '^i! ^ 

incontK 15tUtie|ie'Comeli(i^otofrom(ig()iaoti^^ry. ' 

^n btfflcflian earnettt? be BQtfrlociftei/ ^ 

Tratti.. )^atte^<H»(eencamo;efooK(l^face» ' ■ 

31 mtilttwi^to reboto {)e!}otb loobe^ 
itaieneOc. ^{jDy; ||pttr peace a Ittle fpace, 

;anobjQarebim lease tpo|i#s)bpofee. 

Unlet filliia ' ,,>4aa often tiipesl9okebeHin(leI}iin,H;id& 
^adlnai* * ' • is fcnjctyjfcyoa can dcuife; . 


i ' ' ' '■ AnewCommeJiCjCallccI S^ 

Moreji, ^otj^ of Coo laugb you mc to ftojne, , i ; 

3toillt0U^aiaerS>iricfeci3Iimnttnir, ' | 

55pt()efctcnneboncsBiU)tU,3il)aueftoo;ar» i 

ana Ije ttjall tcacbc ^ou to mabctile pmne, ; i ^ 
StafeebceDcofarfcout of fafljion, , ^ jrf 

3aDmrET?wcomenotinl3tsclatoc3, . '' ' |^? 

ituilltelUljcmbsCtCfcspairion, t, j 

l^otu^ottiaogetljemfbolcfianDDatDCf, J* 1 

aiuDoulDroutocretoitbpi^ncnuttrr, t ■ 
l^ctBOulDmaftc^ouaHticfaooer, :. .'-'' ■■. ■ 

^oattjaUgotptptbegallototrce, . : 

anDcom^ootDitc toitboutalaoDcr, ^v ,s|| 

Vutk. |?ou arc totUttarnce it Dotbappeare, - 'r| 
Can tou an? aattittto t)0 fpeabe. 

Moro». 3|canfmgCuftodino«tntbcqaecre, 
gnoatocrfcof courfc fincli?b;oatje. 
jMontincncc. ^DD<^tpuLattm,oj<DrccUE,mlourbooii^ 

®:|ljattoa«it3p;iaptonlettJ0Bnouje. * 

Moro5. I^crcjou mas foe if w« to«ll l""^^* J 

3ttea«tbctucbol«croireroine. i! 

idJcnefTe. sOjatcfoffe ro\j)elett)sbere3p>ai?tbe, - ^ - 
anu a point fo; tb\» labour tbou fljalt baue, 
Moroj. 3iambutaleameri?oamavfoe, . 

3cahna.furtbcrtbcnftfo>abnaw. v v 

®a]C!i»fiint?pa«««cmTpU?fK«oto,^ .' 
lo; <I>oi&e8 fabefc^em«.fwm S)imbeJirant{n0, 
idicnefTe. jfmvconnctUtboutotlt follotoc, j 

3 toill feepc tbc from bim ano from but Doctrine. 
incoruincncc. ^efpcaftctU of oneS)iricbc5U«ntine, -^^ ^ ■ i 

pincnuttrcanoarEtJufcof fflwwn» 
S?oiiibunot»caneelBD,fcyplm«f • "^^^ i 

Pictic anO'Excrcilatibn, .* f 

i<Ucflef£. ^cspart)ie,bHtfotofpcaScbecannot, ^ ■ ' ' 

SDcUbim one tbingttoent^ times, , , 

ano be totll fo?get it bp aoD b? (2500 tDOtr 

f et tan be Sng fongcsanbrnafee r^eg. 
„ ^ WbatneeDciDc to tbmmg oar names rojbun, 

- jpo^Oeoifcurnet^ not c'5)«fc from c^alUe, 


— ? 

i Thelongerthonliucfttfie more fbolctliou art. 

^eanttf not fnbo ootb fincbe o^ nntmme> ^ . 
^i t&at in fjfe oiunc Uiagw 6c ma? toalfec. 
, Moro*. &l)aU3irpcafe0tDttb?oupafttme1n5o«reai*e> • 
.,^ a tno^wojttDo J tooulB tcU ?oa of tup minu, . ' ;> 
^attpatttmctbtsfamcgrimmanBloofearc, 1: -i » 
SCrotoc ?oa tfjat fte tutu be mg frienD. 
laicnefle. J toarranttfteaUU)ebetl)Bfricni)0«if)err. 

tMctomttortoxtetttemtoftli^foeshumei. i\ 
lacontinence. ^carertoncoftjabutbetbwiof goBcfterc, 
<. J5ib9e1)slDelcomcaiio^tabet)a^b)2tbel)anDe5> 
Moros. 5lBiODeteiD£h;om2a«i)ta!jet)3bptbel)anoe«9 
CakJt^mt lIBiObelifflvelcoticeflttDtake t)0 b)?tbcbaitDcs> .: t 
kpt^ ijano, laoDeteinclcomeanBtakebsbBtftebfliipw. 

VratR. -^-"^"OnCK? Moros bOtU DO pOU. H 

ijieneflr. ^ou are toclcome Spatter manboae fag, 

j^^^gj'^liouarelttelconttJpafteriaobirtboiCttfeiijt | 

jjj^.^j^^-^ottfljal* cottgbnie a fole 3 mabc <69^aoptDC, 
Moroj. — '^«» W«" '^'"'S^ »»» ^ f®^ 31 «wbc C5ooaabU)e, 
locontineiicc— '»tlji5iDa5, ^ 

Moroj. _^jScanlaugbtDeUat1^itnbptbisDa?. J 

jdienecrc. ComeLto mz Moros totiat Dott t&ou tottfj tbiiei bofee* 

2n!)ou cantt not reaSe bpfih it | am rare. 
Moroj. ^ gncnuttr'e to&e it me tijeccon. tO: Im&e, : , . ;■, 

aCftcre are gcDSlg faintcff fti it fapje ano pare* 
Vratii. ^s one ttro;riie to rcaoe in it be is not ablr> 
flpojcfmlcB then bcto gcuc bim abobe, 
afa>lcia)tUt»cligbtmojcin.a:bable, . . 
;g[nDmx>je mete fbjftimfl^lfKtm to !«*«!♦.; .r i 

i^atuapaiM^ftatDaptbatbtDkei^ti^loa^fetbeftnongbt^ >:r 
efcarDts 2r;(,ts bojfee totU make tije of a luft^ cbcre, 
inconttncn. 3^ H)"" l^^^f b^a« if ^Itoa? in tbp f bougbt. 
Moros. (Polities bavrc it is^agioftlpbojbc in DaiDr* 
g>ant\? amtn bcre srefamtcis a great foi?t, 
JEBiiii tofec p^ffctb C^jtff e5 CpofTemt fpaUP, 
., J^^)foi>Jja,tc f5e,!)a,!ja,ba,bcrc is gooolp fpo jt, :.] 
Jgutict not SDJnclJc slimnttnetDtsi^cDUc f»y 
c '^eciDfEttmea^eSontocait. 





A nevvConime<!te,e«Ue3 

0ont of tbcm all (fiall mtvsAz toft!) tftee, 
©Elce arc come to mafec tbec a man. 

smt mm, anu fa? a Hjanfec i'«« ")^"P°°^^: 
fflnah««..t^ SpabecurtfiMntra?3ltl)anb0j!OuWobmljooDe, 

SDcatljc mc tijtfl boobe 31 p?a? von pcrfitlr to can. 

af a toift tljat tijoa toottlocft be pKtic anD toifc, 
3 tooulo oene tW otijcr tftingcs tbcriuttf) to p^ag, 
J>«ft tijou tbcfc bortC8 i ttcfc are a pa^c ofmce, 
a totll teacbe tbee to occupte tbem one oa?. 

I^outaugbt mefirtttopla? atbloto pomtc, 
jat fta?le0,ano tbe placing toitb a ajeepc0 wgnte, 
ano to bop a gooB toa? on mi? one legge : 
l^oto long toa« I learning of tbefe plages, 
a am apt inongb fncb Bmb tbingp« to tabe, 
H)o rou no mo>e bat fljeto me tbe toa]?e0, 
ano if 31 learnc not W me lofe tbe f abe. 

|Loobetobat3ll)aue5onefb>tljeebeUDe> , j 
ifflbctberfoeueirtljoatoiltgoojnbe, < 
SCO Dcfenoe tbee from all tiiUanie : 
lLo,tbi» gentleman iscallcftpleafare, 
laetoiUteacbetbeetoljanBlcatoenclje, ,;- 

leanesa toUlteacbe tbee to get treafure, j 
^oXcb tlnnge«toeeto<Umabeai:r«ncb«. 

feir i»ponr name caUeO plau fare, 

ffinltfoole m? name ii calleo pleafnrer 
SDbat ifi libinge,an6 luft boottB» 
iPoole«loaealtDa)?ftttb6altant«, .^v . 
So biire,to clip,ani>in beo to pla?, _ 

SCiramojc Pleafant life no man mas, 

S> jmeanrtobat ^oubnoto "o^, ^^ 









, lUlcaelK. 




The longer thou liucd the more foolc thou art. 

3 tDtU p;ouft)e fo; all fucd gcare* 
ILo, tijts IB maittooDe to make tltct bolDf , 
r LcttbercbebutatDo^DcanDablolD. 

'^' MoTot. Sjiuonloelookebtggeltbeaman^tbafBliDOulDc 
*:' af m^ bcaroe tuouloc a litlc mo?e groU). 

v»di. puffer no man tottb tbee to rearon, 
y. /fo^foole0cannotutrr^nriuerma1^e, 

I -^ SI^berfo;cgeneabIoU)alVDa?inrearDn, 

paflTc not tbou botv tbcp DO it take, 
l^thc a man cucr face out tbc mater* 
$&ttckc not blout), barte,an{i U)ounDC0 to riDcare* 
^; )15ut Tuffer no man initb tbct to clatter, 

I ,s janonletbimbatieablolDontbeeare: 

u. ^eboloebereBlgeuetbceaBOODnuofOt 

iano a Dagger tbr Mf^ to DcfenDe, 
k £>^aU)tb? Dagger at euer^toojoe, 

r ^nD fan t\>Ht tire blouD tbou toilt TpenDe. 

Horoi. 3I5olDe (qp be) 31 p;tap ?ou beepe mr boobe* 
SDbere toeapena baue Tet me on a fier : 
jFio^iQ) toit!| l^olo Tai? l|ou,libe a man Do 3 not loobe, 
lOMt ftoo>ae. s^o be fighting noto ie all mi? Defire, 

ipo remeDie,luitb one of^ou Bl mult figbt, 
I i^enDetourbeaD0,?onfooIes,bnaue»,anDDalDcf 

laienefTc l^efl^eloetbtbe nature of a foolerigbt, 

Wbtcb is to cbtDeanD figbt tottbout a caufc. 
incontibco. 3it US 8 p;»ncrbe toiTe ano auucicnt, 
jiSelsare botD tou geue an^ eDge toote, 
; tHntomaomentbatbeinfipient, 

tianto a ?onge cbilDe^ ano tinto a foole. 
iTndt. ^c fif^tetb till be is out of b;catb> 
3|nougb noto Moros it 10 Uiell Doone. 

[ Morof. ISrtbeJJ^afTeBfiiiaifigbtmtrelfetoDeatb* 
3 p;a? ?on let not me leaue fo foone. 
incontia- &ira,Wbo am 3l>lDillt70n remember* 
Mbat DID )Baftime tell ^on in ^our earc. 
Morot apjetiemojfellj^ongeanDtcnDcr, 
^otD tooulD to ©00 3 toeare tbere. 
i^taeCk. SDboumu(ttoearetb?(\iDo?Deb?tbr(!Dei. 


A new CommecJie, eallecT ■ 

antttljifDaggarljaMfamltat tftg bac&c, 
jlBcfojc tbou figljteft tbou moft tfe to cbtDe, 
S^iirfee tobat 3 fa^ ana Icarne of me mt fenacfeej 
fitit this 02Ucr iuitlj tl)ct toe toill tafee, 
^e toill tcacbe tljcc to plap at carQesanB Dire, 
aquelntco toitb ill ell ano ipiantec toill tfjeema&c. 
^nij to appcarca man botlj migi)tieanD toife, 
fUl e toill Defirc plcafurc to tahe papne, 
SLo p?ouice t)s anftanfomcbofpitaH, 
mi^c re fccrctip toe nisn tcgctbcr rcmarne, 
SDiUtocbaucfpnifiiea onr Dcuifesall. 

'^earkc is it beft that tt)cre toe meefe, 
at tljat Ijoufc fucb afi toe bfc to banquette. 
Moroj. ^a,y> 3 p^ap i?oa let tJ3 Ijaue one (I)eete> 

5?oj ji can not toelllpc in a blanhctte. 
iJisnciTe. SCnflje fffllc toe Qjeafee of banquetting, 

t&iSIitb^egge ano BclTe to be rufTelmg^ 
to bcre act no pleafure Qiall be to Derc. 
■Wath. SDbere are bet(Dc»,blanqucts, anu (iittts gcD5 ffo;e> 
ants tbeboufe ofa s^;leneaeremptie, 
l^ou flbalbe fure of one 0; otber euermoje, 
Ibometime T?on maj^baue^ourcbo^re of ttoent?. 
Incontinence. ?cu meane tbe tbacfecDboufebp the toatcr frtc, 
im btcb t0 tobttl^nteo abone tn tbe lofe. 

^ea paroee tbere tbou dalt foi los p;outDe> 
an bonfe it is fo;( tbe nones if tt come to tbe pjofc. 

3 50 bence tarrp ton not after long, 
fn 3 ^m bifioem^nrboaeire mabeliaff. 

15efo2e ^ou go let t)£t bane a fong, 
31 can retcbe t^ to ling fol fa anD paS. 

SDbsu baA fonges gmo ft oare fing one^ 
ano toe ti^ee tbe ftste toiil beare. 

iLet me ftoop it toill come anone, , 
^epela,la,Ia,iti« to bre tbere, V 

^cbo^bo^ano tbat is to lotoir^ 
&oll,r3U,fa,fa,ano tbat tst to fiatf c» 
lle,re,re,b)? an5 b? ton C&all ftnoto^ 










1(31 eric*. 





31! m. ci)c 






TRc longer thou liueft the more foolc thou art, 

%Mnp,mp,l&cUi fapc rcu to tUt 

Care not foi, tbc true but tobat is t^g fons, 
ii5o rcmcDte tbcu mull firft bcgmnc. 

31 U)UI be goac if ^ou tarrp Ions, 
Wiljm toe finoiue 6olu toe (^all come Uf» 
C3i banc a p?etp tiPtmoufe, 
Come pterins en ntf to> 
€»£:iruppc lutti) ^ou| purpcfe, 
ilHttle p;tcttp nightingale, 
among tbe b^mncttcs greene, 
©cue ts of ^our Cft^iftmafleale, 
3n tbe bonour of faint &teucn. 
flUobj^n reaDb;(e(t ioitb bts noateiS* 
Ringing a lofte in tbc quere, 
©Clarnetb to get f ou frcfe coates, 
iPojtDintertbcnojatuetbncre. * 

^?ou iDtU bane anp mo;e» 
taoucbfafe to Cng it tour feife, 
i^oj here pou bane all mp ttoare» 

fong mucb like tbautbourof t(;e fame* 
3t bangetb togetber like fetbers in tbc taimt, 

2Cbts fong learneo Ji of m^ Dame, 
W&l^nftic tangbt me maffarofeoe to grintCj 
(I^oDDes Dates i£E pla^fare gone atcare, 
3! tDOulD baue fpoken tnitb tiim o} euer be baD 
3iamfo;pfo^tbatbrtbt0tia?t (gone> 

l^e tbouli baue bo;ne me a token to Jone. 

Cbou flialt beare.iiit. quarters of a fa>le> 
^erop aone luiU tbat beft regaro. 

&I}alt toe go leapeouer tbe ItcDle, 
^j plaj? fortbe bole about tbe Cburcft^carti, 
^5 torapon tsnes againe^ mutt banole, 
l^oto mp Caegar iy ill rut iioiu 3 tuill affaj, 
^toare boiu loitb me tbe? loanole, 
fzn^ sour ^ea3i5,^9iv li^e sou rtii5 do}ti^, 


J^ttr cntiet) 


let 6|9o;oe 
faiojOe atiD 



A nevv^ornmcdic called 

^a^ 31 can fetcb I)tm oucr mp !)caa, 

Kifis Mc\jt atnongc fuc!) as be fooItO^t 

3 ma^ tell i'ou,tctll ft anoc fomettmc in If caDe 

Cbutfclolnfigbtctl) t)er^fo;e alone, 
<DoQ^aue inerc^ on bts foulc be Voili bill, 
SDbtafnrte toill atua^^ anon, 
/{Camels U)t)en be is acquenteD tottb gill. 

l&eepe tb^figbtins till Difcipline ooti) come« 
STben let me fe boU) tbou Uiilt pla? tbe man. 

ISoD? of (IDoD ftanoe aloai? matte roume, 
3 U)tll Turel? bit btm if j can, 
^ tbat mi? rtDojDe tuere a mile longe, 
3 iDoulo bill bim tben tDbere as be DtDellef^f 
#e tbinbe 31 am toaren ten? ftronge, 
^e 31 Vi^v vou bob) m? bort Ctoelletb. 

SLbe longer tbou liueS tbe mo;e foole tbon arf> 
a foole in cbilDebooO, a foole in toolencie, 
3n mans Sate tboa \uilt pla^ a fobles parte* 
ano a$ a foole Die Uiitb (bame anD tnfamie, 
Beate a foole in a moiter fattb tbe toife man» 
Sinn tbou (bait not mabe bim leon^ bi4 foUs; 
3 baue boon? all tbat ener I can* 
^nDi fe it p^oStetb not trul? . 

&aue me I p;a? ?ou 9atfter ttobtn booDi;, 
SCbti i0 SDihcbe ^uinttne m? maiSer, 
^e toill figbt as be Uiere \oooD, 
foi mr be batb bjoagbt tonQerfoalter, 
gbnotu SDiricbe^uintinestntente, 
%e totll b;tnge me to ;arfe out of faOitonii . 
S^bere in Uio;be ano labour 31 (ball be penf, . 
0no 31 bao leuer Die bp d^Ds palTion. 

WXb^ bo;efUn tabe tbi? flsojDe intfye banDf* 
:3nD at tbe gapneft tpon bim la?. 

dDo to bim libe a man b? tbee 3 totU ffanoe* 
0Bt fo borote inbis beao one tooioefa?. 
. &ira,rpeabe ^ou 31 p;a? ?on Uobin booDe» 
SCabe ^ou m? fvoo^De ano Djiue bim bence. 

•WSi^t bo^efun iteU tb» mg nwrnie manbooD: 





It' ' 



j_v* .• 

TTie1(>ngertho»lJdc(l the more fole thott art. 
31 Kiaii lenerliatte rpeute fb^tte pence. 

Dlfcipliae. Aniniivilistimor Argumentttmeft, 

i^eareofattCeitttntieidansrgnmenty ^ 
Confctence accuret^ tbe foKOi beal£> 
sn^at btiiSit^ ta^Mm tDboKom fiocamenf. 

3(&aUl^aucaDea(tei|trotuoneiia?r . « 

Wbm fl^all Bl be a man ffronge anD boloe» 
3f m? bearoe toere grotone to i?oa 31 mwgfwSf 
31 tuouloe pas bint borne, bp d^Ob tbat 3 tDonlDe». . 

SDofte tb? ftJDojbe in tb?nebanbe anb Tac, 
31 Defile tbeeBlolbeni9ieperant. - \ 

Cake tbs rixio?De in tbine banoe anb Tat^ 
Bl befie tbee»| oloe tbttrffie toefant. 

0bo?De,trnoge,anb get tbee alnai?* 
fS^i bt bis bait H VaiU. cut tb? toefant. 

;9 clo^be gnii^e bat not bena?* 
|3P; bl? bi^carte 31 tpf U plQcke a i^efanf. 

Wb? it is true tbat of tbee be fai^e» 
%ftt longer tbonlitiefftbe mo^e foole tlvu arf . 

naobieof d^o ofbim Sam To aft^e> 
SCbat at enen? tDo;tbe 31 am Itbe to farte. 

2Dbe foole as^et is ^onge ano nefii, 
0no tbe feajrj^ of SDiiic^ttn iMinljis mtnb^ 
Xbe i&naoe be U)iU plai? ^ bis ^nbr. 

WlendTc. 3t iS ^f^^^^ &>« •">? «« "^Uf »" bolBC, 

2Dtn be batb compameb toitb an boo;te* 
; M' %'tttn ootb bepictte quarels>cbibe anb fcolOi^ 

lifter tbat be oe({rifetb1iotb rtcbe anb poo;8» 

Cmiit pleafnrebatb all tbingesp^uttwb^ 

3Lct tjs no longer tariebere, . 

^e luiU tbinbe tbat Uiee bane bim bertbeOs 

#0 loe£,Iet bs fee bis p;tQui(ton anb cbere. 
Mores. jtoilbeftirctobegonefiirtt, 

3 am ont of tour banoes 2C>tnc!te fiwnttnc^ 

0o\j3 no tffou thv beft anb tb? toojft, 
_ abefiebotlTt&eeanoalltbpff>oetrtne. Goontaiiij.; 
imis^iac #a(te t^e traoeof moclh^ontb at tbis bat» 








X M0R». 







^ yfmh. 

A nevvCoraraediejcallec! 


Jfee tf tljisftDlc painf ctii ttof ont t6er;> fmagC!/ 
SCIjtmt&cpDcfpifetfiatertbcrDoojIag, :; 

anp tbing at all to rettrame there Dotage, I ' 

SDbe fole aiiD bop fa^tfii tbc p^opftet (Efage^ 
^l^all p;«rumc agamS^iuiniler aunctenty 
# ^oungfiDles DO tftis Taping feertfie, 
Sto tDife mm it is oucr eutDent, 
^ftcnfosleisarcfuffrcDinfoUp, ' i 

;EInDpoutbmaintatneDintl)ep?tDiII, J 

WH)en tbep come t)p to mans Sate tDboI;, "^ !^| 

if^jDlffitftcp be anDfotb^p continue ftill: J 

3iDnelD;iitteti).tbus among manptbinge0» ' 

^caer Qiall pou baue gtoo men ana faptent* 
Wlifete tbere be no goiD cbil&^en anD pongliitgef » "^ 

^btcb tbing is mod; true in mp tuDgement: 
j^tno tbtnges Dettrope poutb at tbi5 Dap) 
induigentijparcntuni.tfje fonones of parents, 
tMbicb tDtU not correct tbere nongbtp toap, 
3iBut ratfjer enboloentbem in tbere ententjj, 
BIDleneCTe-alas 3pi>l0ned^i^^n otbrr* 
im bo fo paOTetl) tb^ougb Cngli^no. 
SEoretbepontbbelDouIoiuonDerf :-\ 

l^olo BiDle tbep be anfi botD tbep ffanQy 
3 €\^i&ian mans bart it toouib pittie, 
SDobebOlDtbe^iU bringing ttp of poutb* , •: 

iIDaD p;teferue iloneon tbat noble Cttii() 

I ^beretbepbauetabcnagoDlpo;D;efojatrnf^« '■. 

I <ll3oogeuetbemtbemtnDestbe fame to maintain^ '- 

! i^oiintbctooiloiB not a better o^D;e, 

pfitmapbe<]^oD0fauour(tiIltorema!ne, j 

i ^anpgartjmentoillbeintbat bo^;c. Go our. 

i ' j|2ocappeof)notoceboU!eD,nobomage, --'f 

i ^^0 am ^i is tbere no mo;e goo manner, 

j 3ti'otoe,TOubnotonotme,no;mpligna0c» j 

I gtellponJrulcanDgouemeall, ;^' 

i ja&nannceanoBlplucbeootDneagatnei 

j£>f l^tm t^at of bp^tb ts poi^e and rmaU^ 

•>:; .V 

m The longer thontiuefVtfie'inoreroole thou irti 

Sb a iwble man I cajr mafee Uf wfftt, ' 
a am flje tijat map fio all tftingw, 

^ . aitl^caucn o; cartft tobo to like to me, 

?> amaiiccaptmeBofiLo^ftwanatoinges, 

'\ i^ocurtcfppctfo? alltbtepotoer, 

3 tell vou learncD men call me a so&tie(&» 
;a bcggarjl mabc ritdie In an botocr, 
2lo rucb as 3 loue, } gene gmo racceOe, 

; Wbo.tntt)t£tti)OjlQcanmetuttbffanD, 

y^ TOljotanfa\?i?ca,U>l)erc3rapna)?j 

31 cl^annge ail in tbe turnmg of a b8n», 

i Wi)atraeuer3IU)illootr3|map, 

l^aue a oone notbing fo? ant? bere, 

, l^aueanotoneloucrno;frien9e, 

^onc totveUomc me vottba me n? 4ei% 
^otD bp -np troutb pou be bnbinor, V 
^^elianiaecbanncerometoiiirpleare, ,.^ 

apurporetooallpano plagafeate, 
mbtcb (ball turnc fomc to fmall eafe, 
^ poptfl) foie toill a place in a iDtfemami Craf « 
35p tbat pou Iball learne a trotoe, 
SEo Do rour outte fo a la9s fQ b?e» 

■^ )^e(baUteacbi?ou fortune to bnotD^* 

anotobonourbw tiIl?oaDic. 
ineonnocn. at is a loo^lD to Tde tbeibles gFesblneu;* 
abauennreieD btmtncarnalitte, 
man tooulD marneell to r^ btt rettnei^ 
tl3ntoallflelbl?r0nr(iakti(;> i 

; . ano tbefe barlpts are. not to lean^ 
l^oto to oaHp toitb a fimplc Sole, i, ' 
3DjeT?mai?leaD?b<mtoitbatb?e8oftcam<;, .'i 
3nto tbe miODeft of a tobgile polCf 
l^ep^apeb mebetbcrto iiedine, 
^ . /jgnbtofteoJlfgEritlieabont, ', 

l^etsafrasaofDifcipltne, ,r » 

:anoofe]cmitationnaDoubt, • '^ '' --1 
jfieEtberoftbem bfltb cani fa^ 


A n«wCoininedic,calle3 

J toiU rttumt anfi beare \)m tDo;Be, 

aglaBmantbcntoillMorosbe _ 

po} rtjem l)c fearctlj mo?e tbcn tl)e fiuojo. ^«>biei go . 
forwne. Mftetljcr Hoto f?ja are pou bltnoe, y°S »•«• 

jam J fo litlc a moatc tbat FOtt tannpt fee, 

a tuili plucbeootonc ?our bte minoc, 

^0 caofc i^OQ 31 trolD f bnotx) me. 
fncomL 3| cTO ?oti mercte laDie moft eicccllcnf, 

Witboat Ooubt I t)to not ^m* bonour beboloe, 

jSD (Emp;eire,£>Coi>Deire omnipotent, 

a renuer ^on pja^fea manifoloe. 
fiortune. TO ell at tWs time I bolbc ton ercafeU, 

<]DlaD to Xee i?on 00 tour outie fo toell, 

af all otbcr baa tbem felae0 fo bfe6, 

at baft been tetter foj tbem,to ?oa J mag t«u, 

a troto ?our name xb incontinendes 

fl)neoftbepjopertie«ofMoro$ - 

tunntlnenec ^ta\m geuen to infolencie, 

ano a ftirtbcr bim in tbat parpofe, 
llecberie i0 to fooliBS counatnrall, 
IKIlire men tbereof are eucr tnare, 
i^oj tbepfe tbat facbbfes beOiaU, 
ilBjinge men to infamie,fl)ame ano care. 

1. i^otDbilefoencrbcbeinconDttifln, 

fonunt j|^^pj|(,oii0,foeuerani)inapient, 

l^tD Ml of p^ioe ro ener anb ambition : . 
I^oto lecberoiu fo euer anbincontinenty 
atisnottuitbltanoingourplearure, ^ 
%o etalt bmitnboRour ano ricbelTe, 
Wla toiH geue bim lao»,tDealtbjani> treaftire» 
Ono iiiaU tbinge^ tbertoitb gooD futceffe ; 
< l^e louetb toomen a toill g»nc bim picntie, 
l^e looetb ga? rapmcnt, meatcB ano Djmbes nni^ 
<&to;e of ;aemfon,U)ilDefoolc,b^caDe ano toine, 
#ojo8 Ojall latbe notbing foj a feafon, 
I ffbepibalireetbatiPojtunctaneraUefoole*) < 



The longer tliod liueft tBc more foole thou art 

iSnt) malte tittm glao to learne ^e^^ (djoltSt 
&ctng tbat ti)t tulsares tntll me not p^a^re^ 
■f 0? cicalting geoD men ano faptent, 
31 tutll gcttc mc a name an otber iDagejSy 
2Cbat IS b? erecting fmlcs infiptent. 
locominence. pieafctfj tt ?ou to geuc mc licencc. „. 
3 fetoet)erfe« ofapoetcto recite, 
Fonune. 3i to«U slaDl^ ftere tbe poetes fcnf ence, 
Ml^ere as agatnft me })z noti) not Ui;ttte. 

bcoatinence. Sed redeo ad (lultos^ quos cjuando cxtoUit (Sc alto, 
Collocat ia foleo) cupicns fortuna iocari, 
O quod ftultitiis tunc omnia plena vidcbis. 

3 come noU) to Tpeabe of Men againe, 
Wiitli Intiom is^en it pleafetl) i^;^tune to pla?, 
j^bc ertolleti!) anD mabetb to ra^ne* 
|0e ano to tbcm tnife men to obet>, 
£) tban U)i:b boUi mani? follies fl^alt t^ou fe, 
.. ;autbinge0fiUeDanDrepIcmlI)eo, 
' Wi)id)torebcarrelongtttuoulDbe, 
|?et of tbe poet e tbe? be puWifl^ci), 

Virtu fque mouct contempta Cachinnum* 

tiaertue is mocbeb of eiieri? man» 
%ben of booses anbbarIot£( tbere 10 no fmall rom<, 
liotbtng but eating, b?tnbtng,anb plai?, 
^nl? toluptnoufnes fmliO) ano filtbs, 
Ci^ncreafetb mo;e ano ma;c oa? b? oa^, 
Sno ba^ tbe rale tn IS ealme ano Cttie. 
Fortune. ^inoaBtbepoctetojitetb fofli all it be, 
tHitb ^0^00 toe tDtll tabe fucb an o^oer, 
^bat all tbingciB iubt'cb fo? but plcafure be C^all re$ 
^0 let btm commauno in euer^ bojoer,. 
^oubnolD tubcre ^o;oe toe (ball 6noe» 
"^ Mlc commauno ^on to leaol)6 to tbe place^ 
0no fojafmucb as pou occupte bis mtnoe, 
^0 teacb btm to hnohi ourjl^oble grace> 
j^o^ before tbat be ootb againe appeare) 
^ of ^er manner of perfon toe t»ill btm mafee, 

,",, - "! ' AnevvComtBe<lie,ealleJ 

ftea^anQ tD^ tDtU'caufe all perrons farrealmi ticare,^ 
^ a1uo;tl^e (Dentlcmatt I)tm to take, 
incontinendc. jf it U)tll pleafe ^our g race to icalk e, 
3 totll bjinge ^ou tuticre as S^o.joa is. 
Fortune. Cumtoagttjjjonme, bi^tbetoaptua bjil!fal&c, 

2Dt)onfl3altfeU)O!tticr0 after tfjis. Go oat both. . 

Pictie. jamcomebitljernotutocomplatinc, 

jj5or onls to fae tijis foole t!)U5 to mtfcarie, . - - 1 
OTbic!) t3crtiious SKfctplmc Dotfj oifbaunr, 
j3nQtol)oneffte is contrarie, ^ 

JButatfoof agrcatmiiltituDe, > 

tKHbitljOcfpife Cod ano bis Coanccll, 
^6 tboug!) tftcre luerc no bcatituDe, 
^0 torments fo^ Cnne luitb ^JSUiUes in l^cKj 
3 can fag no mo je of pictie, 
snben 3 baue faiD a litle befo;«, 
.?!Snbicl>isto fcruc<0oDs£paiellie, -V ; 
' ^ije fame to louc, to,feare,to bonour, 
jlBiit noii)4ias U)bat mannera , \JtW beaug ttme^ 
|0ietiei8tJtterl5 CFttHguiflipb, 
?sabat contempt is tbere,iBbat crimes, , 
l^o<jehntcbiefctbencanbepubli^eli, » 
^rtfi as (005^ ^aieffie is Defptfeb, 

,,_. ^ ^0 tb.e toMc'aimortjjmenVo^ abate, 

' ■ ' ijSeaertpait ^bcre greatcrba^reb beuifeo, " ^\ ' 

SCbenisapiongn^enof^ucCBettate, i 

t!l!£lbatfal^a)Q,ti)batoefceitano guile, , 
TOl^at fubtitttes arc of mcninupnteb," 
tpiioiLDtb'noif btiy boo? toitbffttne befile, 
1KIlbDiJr^itt|bistrtotiettaf,<!cOntcntcO, , 

,- -,3ibauer«H)p6fmd^gtuojl5esanbfeWonj8, 

• ' ^ fo finfull a ho}ln oio 3 newer re^o, 

about mlfcbiefe men occupie tbcir reafow, 
^one tj^e.r tbin^ ;t|oU) a bates is in tijeir bcabj 
*pl^t (©bo bite ftnnf ^0 people 3f barrefap, 
tisaf bicbi) J«H binoutlie faff anb abffaine^ : 
anbcaHbpon bint higblanb bap, ■ 

. SJJiftof^Ki?bne»oif9uctimwtorc^caftie, 

'^ Thclonger thou Ilueft the more foole tliou art. 

.0016 3 Hoabt not foj buf otottc name fabc, ■*' 
l^etuiUfubuerttbctoo;jltcaoffinnc, . , j 

Mbtcb be graunt fljojtip to 0afec, 
janbtbatbcrruetbctiuto?iemaptDtntte, | 

VntL. i^>ba,ba,3imuftlangbtofojfo?tunpsbaltance, i 

ilojb botu Ibe batb rbts fmlc enbaunceb, 

STbc fpoife is to fee bis countenance, 

SDbis tticaltb batb to bim ftraunglp cbaunccb, 

315ut tbcp fa^ tbat fialcis arc fo^tunablc, 

BItappearctb to be tbe trelv noUi moecoey 

i?ojtuncbatbmaDcafa)lcbono<jable, , , ' 

;anDltbcmp;icmbonourtop^ocajDc, ,,;■;: ' * '•' 

jp.otoant3lfent£)fftfcf»tofefee, , <' 

3ln»p«tieXrueUic,ano ^gno^ance. . :.,f 

3mwfttruDgcaboutalltbi0U)cUe, , ' 

^ot a Ittlr tonto mp binacrance. 
i Pietie. fepcbafl|aaIlcr,fBcbferHaimt«tmfittBC, .r • . ; I 

! iDtDbata plage tstitcuermt^c, [: •: ■ 2 | 

I tS(I!lbeni)crt(io(U(mfnj)aueeueUfp#be» / ..7 

SnbfoileiSbaaecafe^lDcaltbanDbonoury , * 

[ ^aue U)e not bab mamfeft p;(obatton, 

I • ^at not men of (IDob b«ene put to &Ience« i 

: ^anofucbfcDles mtsboTniuasnogaiobtrputationt .,. 

I 315at altogether iuitb^trHcltiegaacjtbcs.fcnttnCe, 

I "t^raJi. SCbouartoneoff%emfoiUibo>niicfc«> v 
/ ^otfojtbrbonour»butfo?tbT?bccap, 

g baue commannbincnt td cboppe tbee asf a IttUct 

§if tboutoiltnotgettbeatoap, :_ 

Wbetfo^ebc ruleb bi? nif CouncelU . -^ i 

Cum no mo;te into spo:o£^Compamei ,: j 

^ojbotbiDitbfliamebeUiilieFpcU, :;•; ^-v 

^noputtbceairotobtlame. -; :> 

Pictic. I5cttr r it is to mcctc a ftclBf are, -;/ 

fflja ben (be is robbeb of bcr vubclpcs, < - 1* ^ 

%bcn IcDttb a fiole tbat rule Dotb bcare., 

i^ojnofberreafon no? learning iiitU be bis bclpc5» , 

^ratt, ^omoetoojbcs but get tbeatt at at once> 'V 

$ am wutb fon^ ^mbleD anb ret on 6re, 






Igoo r»nce, 



A newCommedie, tailed 

^peaite one Ujojdc ann 31 totU bjeafee tfjg botreSj, 

^no trcao tbc coiDne fjcrc in tfte mi?^e, 

^ea,3 aouife tbct, loe tobat iD?atb can Do, 

SDo to?at!) place to gcue ftc is glao, 

SCO folES man? are glao to Icane to, 

fo} feare of tfter? rage tuben tbet? are maljgj, 

^onotr cometft one tfjat 31 feebe fb;, 

3t am oeceiucD,if it be not tlje fame, 

^s fte tocre blinoc about be ootb po^fe. 

Ignorance 31 fuppofe is ifis name. 

3iB tbe re an^ boDp bcre in tbis place* 
31 am Cent fo;i in all tfee baft 31 tocene, 
31 am commaunoeo to come atoay? apace, 
2Lbe? toill maruell tnbere fo long 3i baue beene^ 

m betber IboulD ?ou go 31 pja? ?ou freno, 
3no lubo is it tbat fo? ?ou DiD feno. 

JLaDi? i^ojtune DiD tell mc ber mrnoe, 
0no to fpeabe toitb S^o;os 31 do inteno. 

%o tarrp bere if ?ou luiir tabe tbe paine, 
^;o0 tuilt come betber anone: 
;iI2I!Iberetmpietie is 31 iDOulD bnoto Ea^ne, 
0nD lubere 3l tttoutd fpeabe Initb bim alone* 

CruDelitie,3lmpiette,anD 31, 
Were coming all tf^;tee togetber, 
31 tbinbe t)erili> tbat tbe? are palTeD b|T, 
Slnt gone euen ttfe rigbt lua? tbetber. 

^bat are tbe?; names toben tbe? come f bere^ 
Wbat Do ?ou call 3lmpietie. 

pbilofopbie bis name bis euer? tobere, 
CruDelttie,^;tuDence,anD 31 iSntiquitie. 

mer? toell 3I am glao of tbis in oeeDe, 
JB? reafonbereof m? Biojnieis atanetuje, 
31 purpofe nofurtbertop^oceeDe, 
2Co returnc againc 3 Do intenDe, 
31 toill caufe spojos to mabe baft, 
antiquitie tarrietb fb? ?ou,31 tDill fa?. 

?ea anD tbougb tbc time be fomlubat paff, 
SCfilijim tdat 31 did not toell bnoto tbc iua?, 


Go our. 



CBnm (Bailp 

8U0 tDitl) 8 
fool 1 0) 





The longer thou llucff the more fbolc thou art. 
Ignorance ^ea Ignorance is mp mmt, 

a mtctt mate \uith falts to DtoeU, 

qualttie of an aundcnt fame, 

ano r^t D;tobme Bl man^ one m ijeU, 

SCi)e papiffef! tobtcl^ tbc trntt) DO bnoln, 

3L0JD botD 3 Ijaac nufelco t^em in m? frience. 

3 hauc fo taugtjt tbcm,tfjat bote fo caer t^e tDino btofo^ 

SCI)et! IftaH ft«U enclinc to mp fentence, 

^0 tbat tljougl) tbep Ijane hnotDlcDge anu cnnntnjj, 

SEIjep are bat 31gno;{aunr ano fmlcs, 

;aftcr euerp l^ereftc an& popcrie, tijcr arc ronning, 

i^nn oeligljt Datip to leame at nctoc kholts, 

jaifo manpHjat 6o fijem felucsabufe, 

^ome in tbat Siniquitie anD fome in tbij, 

^1? Ignorance tbe? DO tftem feluea epcufe, 
.Sis tbougb tbe? bnoto not tbat tbep otD amiffe, 

tSDlben tf)t:p; eonfcience beare tijem reco;5^ 
E^bat tber; a(te£( are tDtc&eb anti eutll) 
SLberfo<ie toben tbcpfl&all come before tbe ILo^b, 
^t (ball conbemne tbem tnttb ^aton tbe I^DeuiU* 

a&r?,msbearbistDeUgrotone, . 
3 tbougbt tbat Bl IboulD be a man one;?, 
I^ea a (IDcntIeman,anD fo luill 3 be fenotune. 
Si man of bonour botb boD? anb bone^, 
^oU) fa^ ^ou m^ Councellonrfi tell me, 
i^aue 3 not a dDentlemans countenance. 

a better face trul^j bio neuerfe, 
^oj a better legge in mp rememb;auncc» 

l^f^ou bab not bene comi? anb tnife, 
i^o;itune tuoulb not baue fo fano^eb ^ou: 
5?ou mufte appeare to be ftraunge anb ngfc, 
SCbat lutll caufe men bumbl^ to bolse. 

(JDoBbcs ntint^Cjis tbis spaftcr Mores. 
p;jop?e (IDentleraan bp faint anne, 
2Eo DUieU U)itb pour maH^tp Bl purpofe, 
anb to DO pou tbe bcJJ feruice tbat 31 can, 

ICbis IB an otbcr of pour Councell, 
Mbofe name is calleb ^ntiqmttc: 


^ A aevv Coramedie , called 

l^ifl toojti00 are trctoer tbcn tftc <© ofpcU, 
a perfon full of trutb anD fiDcIittc. 
Moros. i^ou arc tDclcomc gentle fangumttic, 

^ ©pj^tflfanguimtie pour name. 
Crudeikic. |^c ts callcD aunctent anttquitie, 

a^jerfon of graa ftocbe auB great fame. 
Moros. mclcomcagaine tljen gentle tanmoitie, 
^nu'^ou arc toelcome all tbjce inDoeee. 
pile louf? bop i^ippcncc ano tanotDitie, 
^olu DO pou tuelcome all goBD fpccBc. 
impictie. , j^ojfotft 3 am calico \Dl)ilofopWe» 

p^uoence is tt)iet mami name boubtlelTe; 
^ntiquttie be is callcD Ijcrtlie, 
as bere after iDC (ball moje plainly eirpjelEe, 
Moros. |)ilD loufp bop iPippcncc ano tanotoitte, 

^ouare tDelcomcpou comcto toapte onemc* 
Ignorance. f»ca ano to fcnie poo toitb all buipilttte, 

ant) to fulfill pour rtqoettcg reop to be. 
Impictie. ^ojtaneappomteomctobegouemoar, 
£f pour otone perfon pou to Dtrette: 
anb to conuincc euerp baine trouWer, 
faabtcb tball pjefume pour mince to infecte. 
oudciitie. anomefljcappointebtbemtocojretf, 

mibtcb fljoulD DO ougbt agatntt pour minbe, 
^ea anD pour pjofites ano rents to coUetf* 
ano to febe narotolp iubcre tuc map tbem finbe. 
Ignorance. 3 am o^DctncD alVoap to gtne poa teaming, 
£Df erercitation in anp fciencc: 
^LcITc pou burt pour toittes \i}itb learning, 
^no Dull pourbnDcrttanoing anbfcience. 
Moros. ©ball 3 tell pou tbere teas one ppnuttre, 
tISillbo a tobile bab me in bisbanoling, 
i^c toas t)p tuitb ©oo anD bolp Diuintre, 
31But 3 teas fone teerp of bis Vuanoling, 
anotbat curft boozcfon SDircSc 'liuintine, 
mioulDbcatcmcfl)?ctoDlpbp (SJoDs^SatTion;, 
I5c tocnt about me to famtai anD pincj 
SCtjjougb one arfc out of faftioti. 






The longer thouliueft ttiemorc foole thou art. 

31 C^all oefire i?ou ptio loaf's boi?, 
0nD ?ou i^tppeuce ano tantiti)tfie» 
2Cbemtobanm!I^jmDt)ttertgocttra?r> i;. 
i^oiiafcarctbeirjcruBettrir. r 

iT^earci-anti ^ou a man of noWKfrc, 4 ■ 
ISemcmber tijat ?ou are come to manfK>>l)»» 
cru<ieUtie. ^^tl) Hot f^o^tono fef i?oa tH autftojitte, 
OTttbyouroUmeljaitotettbeir bart blooor* 

15oop of (!^oD gtue me m^ fUM^oe, 
l^art , tDOum>eo , Bl t»tl( btU tbem b? ano b^. 
drmeo ano fibeo 31 baue rpobcn tbe U)o;tie) 
!^u; blouo anb bonco tbe^ (ball me> 
^m 31 nt antbojttte do ^ou fa^, 
^ap 31 baitg> burne, bcao ano fetll, 
3Lct tbem be fure 31 luiU bo tobat 31 map, 
31 tutU be bnoUme tn auf bo;nttc that 3| totlU 

. pteti|,Dt(iciplme,anb (i&]rercttattoii> 
^eane ^ou not tbem 31 p;a^ ?ott. 

SDbe^ moceoe baue put me to tribulatton^ 
]l5ut31 trolr3i loill trouble tbem agamenolo* 
^00)? of <Doi) am 31 hi autbo;ttie, 
3f tDtU bumetbem,bansptbem,i bo^Ie tbema 
00 man^ 80 once p^ofeOie ptette» 
3|f 31 me^imOiD it 31 totll tarmo)?Ie tbem* ' 

iSDf dDoo mbeebe manr of tbem tidttO) 
0nb of tbefonlr^ano of l^eauen ^nol^etl, 
)15tirfrom Ton ao fbleti let tbem Uialbe* 
SCbei? fpeabeofa tbtng tuberof tbeg can not ten> 
31 am namet)BI|tioropbte, 
SDbe bnoloteoge of ail tbingeo 3i bo cootahte, , 
Bin me is Mronomte ano aOroIogte, 
SDbe tnitb of all tbtnges tn me oo rematne* 
Slcanteacbl^oul^aaentobnoiD, . 

plbicbtbe?caUa$^pbettcal(tgaFer -^ 
i^i^epdrffsb^ tbeuan^otberb^ieo;! lotee» 
CteitHritfti^b tn ii» tiUin^ itatnce, 
fljrofioto tijat tfje tuo^to teas maw, -^ i W% 
iutbe mibbeit of t^c fm Ipeaoei^: 








^•^■^~L„\-^ i.^:. 

A new CoramedleTcalleJ 

l^otD b.fonncs ocuiDc it in tlje^? traD^, 
iDftljc titles aiiD Cptttclce feuen, 
^f mouing am cimtt 3 can teacl)e, 
i£»f matter ano fo.:mc 3 can tell goool^ gcare, 
e>utl) as go tp into pulpctte;s ant) p?caclje, 
t£fpeciall^ tbcfcnctue fcloUjes,totftcmgcuenoMK, 
^ap tfjen,lul)cras rou banc autbo^ttie, 
puffer tbcni not in anp tnifc to OUiell, 
315c bolD to punifl; tbcm tuitt) auffcritie, 
fo; it is but all ll;5crcrie tbat thc^ Do telU 
<DmDly ijoctntnes j can teacl) t?ou of nature, 
3nD bolu it b:ingetb fojtlj nothing perfig^tlpj 
t!!(IiTiti)out vlrt tl)i8 iB a Doarinc Ture, 
Sllfo boU) tbc fame too jbctb fccretlp, 
ijiotu fucb as of <D>oD to ^ou iDtU talbp) 
^f Wcaiien,llicil,o; of tfjc foulc, 
i^rom pour p^efcncc biD tbem tualbe* 
l^ca tbougb tbe? alleoge Cb;iQ aiio pouIe> 
Concerning tbofe tbingcs Jj am appotntcD, 
%o b;ing pou into tbc behtte* 
Cnneuer vcur fetfc to be acqueintcB, 
watt) tour j^oble Counceller iantiquitte 
i^rom time to time euermo;e ttHl, 
l^e (ball m roureompanie rematne, 
P;u&ence QiaK get m,poH ano pill, 
fo} eaermo;e fcrbe fo: pour gapne. 
Moros. ?ou are a cunning perfon J fee tbat» 
iQoulD to C^oD pou bao a better name, 
pita loufp bop, fpe tbat iei to flatte, 
^notocallpoui^tppencetti0a(liame. '' 

rsnonnec. ^^ "^"^^ 3 ^^" 'i'"" ^ Philofophic, 

Bin lubom is containeo all fcience, 
Antiquiticis mp name beriipe, 
^nn this perfon is calleo Prudence. 
Mofoj <I5on0blcffingeonpourbartsaU 

Bl fball remember pour names BI troioe; 
^p feruantsbp tbep^ names 31 Uiill call, 
BtfmpbearQ a litle longer U)OulDsroUie» 




The longer than Iluert the more fook thou art« 

3 Doubt not but aw ^00 grotu in flije, 
jfeo rou toill cncrcafc in fapiencj?: 
|3ou fliaU ncuer tuaint a UJtttp page, 
SCoffiarpcn poor mtctUgcncc. 

OTitbatlpouraffatrcfilctlJBalonp, . . 
<Deue f ou i^our minoe to pteafurei 
Catc, ejinbcoaUr ano pla^ tottb Jonf , 
tKIee tuill matntatnc pour ftate UJtib trcafwre, 
^um totU mouc rou to rcaoe (Scripture, 
l^um tDonlo banc t^u feen in &to;tts, 
fDixm to feates of armcs Wtll pou allure, 
)au tbcfe are but platne ttamc glories, 
^srg H tDouD fiaae pou fecne in can>c$ ano titre» 
. ^ 00 ?ou flMlbe ii trotD f't 'tb in a lubilet 
tK3 e truff to mabe pou m tbem To Voire* 
^bat none fiialbe able rou to bcgtie. 
Credtie. ^ou muftfet pour fclfc fo;tb UJttfj tbebeff, 
l^ou mnS Irame to baue aoiurrfe tountenancc, 
i^rotomng tobcn a tbing r^iu fl^^tl »^elt» 
^leafant toben Dugbt is fo; pour furtberanncet 
^o,lOf tbat is in cl( iDben i^on are anjgrte, 
^etel^ UieU to Uiben ^u arc plcafeD, 
Si rmtltngtountr nance t?cti muH carie* 
tMbcn vour conceit is in alt tbingrs cafcfi. 
impictie. ^p nt^ troutb toot t>ou lihe U)boin be ootb loo&e, 

l$ti9as Itbe a cofln of mme as cucr j oto Tee. 
Crucitie. £^t)at be is Itbe bint in face vou nt j^^ rtoearc on a boo&e 
]SnD airo bis conottiona luitb bt6>i>o w clt a grcc, 
Qe toucbing all goblines a fale be \ua0, 
115uttn6ltbt>DcmcanourU)bo luos uio^rei 
^ut of Doubt m finne be oto fo crcclUno pafTr, 
SCbat fbe Uibole countrie fc; him (T'od did curfe. 

Jixauc 3 pjap pon &)V8 UJbat nccDct:) tl;is clatter, 
fHju talhe fir ate tbtnfee pou toot not mljat ; 
3 pjar ?ougo fojUiarO toitb our matter, 
Sif vou bnou) ani^ Uiaiea fo; our ntaders p^pfit fpcaT^c 

S^opjouiDetbtngestocomebvPoUcie, (.t^^af. 

i lutU U)Q;bs DnDer fuc^ a p^etcuce^ 



( A nm Coniime^ie .caTleJ^ 

30)3* all ttjingcs Iftall appeare ffatiefOiei 
ano fo;t tbat wtrfc am J namco ^ jaoetue, 
agatnc in p jomDins tiour neceffari w, 
g vutU in fuel) a fojt canuas t!jc latoe, 

SDljat fuel) as be toof '"'"•^•^f'"^'^''' 
^balbc bjoas^t to CDjum ano atoe. 

Moios ^ tobo batb fncb fcruaitta as 3 bane, 
among tbem aU,tbcre is not one ftnane, 
^a rtjat it f ftilletb not tboaj(b J be a Me: 
naoirto to dSoD a bao m? fcroaunts togctbcii 
paftime , picafurcano ttobinboBbe, 
3 pja? l?oa tafte patneta tall tbcw beflwv v^ 
jCobanetbemtoa'^ mmtttlliooittiw mccjua, 
impietie. ipou bttoUj tbe n^.Ttesof all ^ottr feraaunts, 
31t ma^ pleafe pou tbcm bcre to recite, 
«a«muaalfottnototbename|of5oarfenaanf*T ' 
SDbat in ^our boobes ofactomptes loe ma; tbcm b);tte» 

M-_, ^iiDlouf^bouiwaaretbebeft, 

' j^oneoftbcm better tbcn^ou none fogtDfti 
j>ippence anb Sanotoitie be neicte* - . 
^a(hme,1^irarnre, ano Uobin^^ 
^ere be (it; boneS perfons inodeoe, 
15? faint 9aUtin it IS an boneS traine, 
l^oatbaUbaneaUoneltuer^anbUjaDe, -r 

foi T»on alitntenb m?pjofit anbgaine, 

Crtdtie. 2CotbeBjaper3U»Jllgoa«Dbf«clotb, -^ - 
anb ara? all uoar feniaunts in a teier?: 
SLotvaitonipoa otber\i>tre3IU)ouii>belotb» 
SCbot toitbe <£^entlem«ntibe beril?. 

i-,.:-^. ffibegrtataffturesaboconfiocr, 

^^ SCbatl^^ttbenceinotbertbingcsmaffbatt^ 
3t is bea tberfaje tbat toee go togetb^^ 
jbo (Ml toe be fure monei? to faue, 
Slnt bere Ire leaueaundent antiqmtiei 

' = flperfontbatnob«bCoi»(glttoi»geag> 

^isp;ubenf«w»ftillof fagatitir, v. • '.' 
^isconmeU retfiatfoabobcUne, 





jb'ns fotne 
metp Ton?. 





The longer thou tiueft the more foolc thou art." 

31 baue rcrnaunfs tW fitielp can 6ng, 
3Let me \)trt JH p^ap t:Ou , Vubat pou can Do, 
^mging ant) placing ii loue abouc all tijtngj 
Her mc t)cre pou, ji p;a^ pou, go to. 

itamotDanDmt^tjoicctsrulhei , 

^eti Will fing to do pou pteafure. 

Swl c U)iU bane ojtnbe if pou be tljurttfc, 
/ojilouctoDimbetoitDoutmci^fure. ~ 

^oumuQ: begtnnc fo; jl can no rbtlU 
l^ct 3 totU tumble on as toell as J can, il • 

Mle are tnDifftrent»fing tobat pc tpilf, 
UtailetDercbjougbttptDttt) afingtng man. 

C23 e take our leaue of pou fo; tbis feafony , ^ 
3in time voe (ball tnapte on pou againe. " - 

2^0 baue a time it ftanoetb tiiitb reafon, 

n ojDcr to fet among pour tratne. 

Bin mp boufe pou iDtll appoint me ^DfFicertf* 
&ucb as Qjiall b^tns into make frolic^ecbere, 
SSuttboretbat of Difctpline anolDietic are foIo&}cr$»* 
3 U)oulD bane rooteD out botb farre ano nere, 
i^are pe luell : as foone as pou can returnc, 
#o;tfl canDo notbinguiitbont pour conncell. 

t^etbat^eabeiftiatetBo^againltpou, tDeinilbome 
i^tmiio;^aaK^i»iW»»raKlL > caoutboth. 

^eamar^^pjtbisootbmegooDattbebart, ' 
|f are PC toell, toojtijp to ferue a ©cntlf man. 

Bl tell pou tbep Inerc not b;(ongbt tip at tbe Carf» 
pai teojlbipfuUp tbctr cwtefp tbep can: 
^ot» ftpj^tett me ^U) feele poa pouf ftomacbc, 
are i7oa Dtfpofia to plap,cate,o;i D}tnc&r, 
SCeti me if tberebe anptbing tbat pou lactse, 
H>emre tobat pe toil, anD in min&e Do pe tbinbr, 
pou tttailiiant it Inbat to eaer it Dotb coll, 
fSi e mill nettber paOe of toinD no; toetbcr. 

as^mptroutb tbetbing tbat J DeCrc molf, 
30 in m? cappe to baue a gooDlp fcatber. 

a featber? amatter of great impo^taunce, . 
Ipou Otal ^aue a fcat;;er if it colt a pounoe 




I a feattjer 3I tro^c fo; ^ou (ball bcfaimtu 

Morw. ' 3^ fcatljer Uiouto mabe mc loofee a Ioff> 
!^ci!quoite^\i)l)atarcODc one:* 
^OT|31 tijanfee BOU,it is gooolv ftoff, * - ;. 

E^'jisUiiUmabcraead&cntlcmanalon^ : 
^afee it fall 31 P?a? rou tn ni^ wppf> 
^ou) b^ m^ bonour 31 tbanlie rou bartelir> 
Sri)is tD'.U beace alnan? a gooD rappe, . i 

Sis good a£S a (atlet fd; mc bertlic» 
3l!ooI{et)plcan)inoU)alU)ateffill, . :« : 

CoDDCis Dates mp featbcr 3 can not ree> 
iSDf tbt0 i^catbcr 31 can no ffeiU, 
315cQ>«U) tl)T> l)art,3 banc burt mp bnee, 

ilibe tbe Pbiloropber tbat loobeD fo btr». 
$^0 long tbat be fell into tbe mnti 
aire an otber tbat gareb fo into tbe (%te> 
%iU be fel grouelingea in tbe fire, 
i^o; a gentleman to loobe bie it is meete> 
y5ut in alt tbinges tbere ts ameane* 
3t becommetb son to tafcj^beebe to pour fete^ 
ILelTe pou mabe poor garments fouie ano^hcIe«t^» 

bengeance tabe tbis (boltfb featber, . ' -^ 

tiiilSbileitis tbere 3(can not loobe botonei 

i^te,fie>poufl)oulbbatteratororatber» "^ 

ILoofee bere boln bnfeemelie,pou lueare pourgeare> 
^ec,&es,it bangetb all on tb^ine ftbe, 
0nD pour Hdo^d is betloene pour IcggeS)^ 
Wife men tnill pou mocbc anD bcrioc, 
Snb not ret bp pon a coupple of egges, 
net me belpe pon to fet pour gotune rtgbf > 
jSDn tbis fafcton pour njQio;b poumuftU)rare» 
Sllacbe^a lacbe>tf3l baba goob Ctgbt, 
3 VDOulDe trim pou inpourgeare. 

i^^ft 3 not ioobe ouer mp ftonlber fomtimc, 
I baue feene fome tbat tbus Uioulo iette. 

ICo be e^uall U)it^ t^e bg(| bOk^u cltnc; 

if" Memember 


ttj; feiijcc. 
auo fall. 









ThclafegCT t|ji^|&i(j0 tfiVttorc £bolc thou art. 

f ttcmembtrfftUt^artlbonlSnriiouatseftf- 

^frf mrtrtl) 2^j,g jonBCC-ltJou liudMbe mo;te fiDl?r 
Ditoyune. c^ucrp nap tf!«;jefoole then etijer, 

%l)outQtlt)dayruct)afa)lt(bpart, '"^ 

SB fljallQjamecountrcp, father flitfimbtfjer, j| 

(DooaaaDftnce,notctbU!fa)Ic«pjocsDtng, ^ ^ 

En tpHDje agcin HDlcnrs be toa0 nufeUD, 

31tt aoolcntie tuljen pubes lDa0 (^jingtng, 

SCoucbing bEctue,as a Doggc tbat ifi mufclco> 

|^UtDtllmgtolcarncani)tberfo^.cl)napt, '^ 

I MbtsfenfcBbeappiuDtobtce^ j 

^none tDttb rucb compantons be toaff tD?apf» 

I . ashotiongmaniDtUbe tbattsiDtre, | 

' ^cucrcoulDibjtngbimtopictie, 

SDhat is 000 to rerur,to loue, to fcare, 
^ettbcr to do ougbt fb; btB o\oat bttlttte^ 
iptettberrruercnce in bis bait to beare» 
35ut as fu)(r«all are tinpaticnt, 

J^o toasbe geu^tpbaftines ano t!?f» 

' 3;nlccbcncaSj|6»il,^taIItn(onttnent, 

I SCbJougb BiOtetRi^'t^as fct on fire, 

IQben to mans ^fO%s be ottatneD* 
f!ilo2(D(? i^02taQ^M||ntniDeattb erect) 
(S^oDanogooDCdtinwlWptrDatneD, u 

' 3l5cingtbcntoirhaUniiift*f^infecte, 

i ^ot)i0bccomcbntop\atneJmpictie, " 

! UilbtcbperftoaDetbbim'^oDtoljenie, j* 

janoU)ttt)b»m is tovneDCruDelitte, vK^- 1= 

againfttbe innocents to rcplie, , 

3lBebolt)bcrsbcisIcIlDetoitb3^snoiance^ ' 

^otbatbclutllnotbelenetbcteritic, ^ 

JBefioe tbefe be batb otber maintetnanc0» 
E^o tpbofoe btm in bis tntqtif|yie> 
• £DffucbPtbcp;jopbeteiJi6#%ibecUE^, . ' 

STbe fmle laitb in bis bart tbcrets no Sro> 
Cojruptarctbep anD ftjltpf tillanie, 
JDbcrfoji^Iballtbct be fa'eattjUntban fjon rcDDe, 
itaios. Can son UU of tu^om tbts tale tbc^ baue tolo, 

i^iii. Ism 

' A newGotntnedic, caltcl 

38 am a man ft0 feitotoctb me not noto. 
Ignorance. jCuO) , facc fjim ont , fcarc mjt- bc bolo, 

ifo?allttnstalbcf)cf)afljoftou. | 

Moros. ^pja,ajaU3|i)jaU)cmpftoo.«oj!)aggar, 

3lt is nor belt to bill bun our of bans. 
ignonnce. aDullj^ouarcbut acrafemgbjaggar, 

31 tDOUlD Te rou bolDt^ btm to toitbftano. 
Moro*. Ml oulo to ©oD tftat pdo lottf? bo? toere bcrc, 

<D(0D ]Lo;D tubat mcanetb mi? man )iobtnba>oe. 
ignorwce. cj^c ^ou afra^oe fo? bcrp fliame D?ato ncrc, 

^ tDOUlo let onr Turn of bis fatofie btos. 
Moros. <]UcB6man^ou,bHOtiJ?ontobbaam, 

£^^ bcarD t5 srotvne 3 am a man no\», 

^00 (ball repent tbat bctber t!ou came, 

31 tuilt bill ^on 31 mabe CDoo auoto« 

a bengcaunce on it, mp oaggar toill not out, 

^p? J pi^ap \?0M boto mp bano Dctb quabe, 

Ua^le on wee pou beggarly loute, 

^uanD 31 afrap toillmabe, 

am I not a (IDentteman bnau0, 

)15oo^ of (!DoD tDtlt ]9oa p^efume, 

SDrulpSCanotDittenopoinerJbanc, . 

J^o great is mt» angrc antJ fume. 
Difcipiine. fl fmlc bttcretb bis angtc in batt? 

aino batb not tbc \j)it meafure to beepe, - 

?l?abere mucb angre i^,ttrcngtb is paft, 

antJ toinjomisD20VDrtrt»in folli?Decpe, 

flsfapcrlcggcsto a cripple are bnreemch>, 

^0 to a fcDic bonoHs bnoccent: 

£l6rnoU).tn barueftis tntimclie, 

&o is it a plague iobere a fale is regent, 

tiKHbat fboulo a fole no taitb moneg. oj tresfure, 
' ^cing tbat Sapience be can not bpe, 

3n boluptuoufnes be toaUo\uctb icitbout meafure* 

asa beaftlp ftotne ootbinbisfiltbie ft?2. 
Moros 5i6oo^^9f(II5oDfojaHgrc3ir.mlifeetolsies 

Mlbcre is IJobinbcoDc ano pilo louf^ bop, 

CailearboumcfcDle,Sbtterli?tb^gDteej ^^ 


The longer tilou liucRthtmort foolc tliou art. 



SCbec ana all tbtne,tljte ffeoja Ojall ttterlic 65ff rcw, 
pucbc out m? fiuojO gffiO SConDiotfie, 
^alTton of (ID0&, bill t)tm totoitc rtg^t. 
Ignorance. l^efljoulDBOtlongltuein tranqutltttt, 
§ BSf Bl bat) m^ ptrfigbt rcnfes ant) (ig6t, 

PI ! aBatbesourulctb^mpConncell, 

l- i^o>tlji«ttmelrttsi»partanti0cu0plare, 

^e iball Tent) tbcm ^tbcr tiiat (Ba|I Um compell, 

^ 0:0 bolite Ijis peace, 7ca,fptte of bui face, 

Moroi. -Content,contenttb)elotl(gobencetnt)fft>e> 
^ tE8l e iDtll fenD to i?ou ere it he long, 

^ 0Ia5 Uifjere be mi? feruaunts in time of ncetie, 

SD!|n5tw}sbbo;erunfo;met8toftronge. GooutboOi. 
pirdpiinc ja8rcrtpturecalletbtf)tstbebieffraptence> 
' 0oDtofcnob),tofe8reitoloue,andobe|7, 
jano tbe molt pnre anbbigb intelltgence, 
Ss to foUofp but precepts ntgbt ano tu]?, 
^0 (IDoQ to tontempne,to oerptfe^to bate, 
3)6 fncb a foUi? as Qone ts me^e ertreme, 
2Cbts 15 tbe moft mtferable Sate, 
|9ea,no Itatc at aU astsife men 00 eff erne* 
tMlftn a fble is ctimp^tb tuitb ^mpiette, 
Wl\)ic\i is tlje contempt of (IDoBanti but o;DinaanceiS, 
^n^fncb a fole credtbto «utbo;ttie, 
^be people niufi neet>e0 fuffatneman^ grenannce?. 
ii'OK tbere <!&<» can not bit Dttl^ bono^et), 
I^t0 bol? &acrament0 {jam in efhmation, 
^ettber tbe pubHque toeale rigbtiv souerneD» 
S5ut all commetb to ttter biff tpatton, 
3f toelboQlb fa)? all tbat mtgbt be Taib, 
. saDffffllc^mtbetreictremefbllp, 

1^ l^oli)(iDobOc0 people bptbembautDecateo, 

¥ SCU)OBate«ttfOttlonotftnie3|tbinbetrulp. go«»> % 

I^cK (Mtetb ^ntollerabilius nil cAquam diucs auarus, 
People. Qyatn ftultus locupIe$,quam Fortunatusiniquus. 

iSCbece 10 nptb^ moje tntoUerable, 
3teiarttcbinantbat<0 conetoufe, 
M fole toeiUtbt^atutcbtti mm fo;tunable> 




A neVv CotnmeJie , callcT^ 

la&ge pernaU> an o(d man ledjeraas, 

Cooo lLo;i) boU) are loe noto molcffcD, 

%[ic oeutUtiati) rent one into our count rt'f , 

monSre t»^m <D9t) anD man batb Detedeo, 

dfcole ti^at came lip from a IoIdc Degre, 

^p flame is people, fo? j rep^efent 

^U tt)e people tDijere ^o}os Dotf) otoeH, 

^uct) a perfon as is tDttb notbtns content, 

1^0 ttiat loe t^tnbe Mm to be a Dentil of ijell* 

i^e^tber learning, tutf oom no;} reaTon 

^tU feme lobere be taketb opinion, 

l^ijaVDO^De^anoactesbealoutofrearoit, ; 

3i5t; boneft men be ftttetb not an £)gnion> 

0no as be ts futb is bt£i famtlte, 

^ot one boneft perron,among tbem | no bnotue, 


^efp^fers of all boned men,botb b?e ano Iotoe» ■ 

^|Dbole;a{pbabete of bis officers j] 

31 can recigte tbongb it be not in omtf 

rable of Ho^Serl? rofielers, 

febtcbtroublealboneS men in onrbo;U>ers, ' 

^ fb; j|mptette,Crueltte,ano jlgno;ance, 

dre cbeif of bis csanfell berilp, 

3i)lene8,tD^atb>anb lecberous oal Itance, 

iaretbe]?tDbtcbin?oatbbeptbimcompan99 I^ 

|^?;iantboni?^r8eantauDitour, ]\ 

^arttlmets b^^bo?, S5a|7l?, 

Clement <Datcbpole,Coff<rer, ^ 

B)imii[on Double faeeboauie* ' 

Comnno emitoufe cbiefe of tbe (t-atuerga 

i^ abian falfliooe bis bcae farmer, 

<Drego;)? go;beI? tb£f goutic, 

<I^uernetbtbe grapne in ti)£ gamer*^ 

^aunce l^aferber tbe bo^febeper is^ 

James tbe inft is tb^cbeifeJuDge, ,\ j ' " • 

3LecnarD4Lecbcr9usisman oflatb^ltoi^ '« 

lienolme ttit fenauf is in coRcr? notjnbijjr,: 

l^artin tij« murtticrer maiftf r of moUtftfcj : 

* . ^i(0» 


~~ The longer tilou linen tfieSorefooIetlioa art: ' % 

tf)iDcnoueitDftart, <?9affer InfflftrCdte, 
©amtinc ffteqaaffcr, foanomfco nwjlferr. 
anafe Uufftan, fl)e race rtploor, 
^teuenffarDg^tterSBuniascr, • ^ 

; > fft»ma5n)ct60efe,6tecljttfefattoiir, * / i- 

OTmtamtottIeak,t|jegreattoarrioar, ..j 

iaiif6tJ>efeai«fiic6«be»nanBmoe, #^ 


i^o^remeDteiDttlootiiotlofietberfoiue. ^ 


^ ®nfo<IDoi>onIpli»0crefrrreottrcaoft, 

gnmblg toe commit aU to WtftoDBmeiif, .#,' , 

y * bane oflfttUfD bto anD W06OIB latow, 

■^Marw. OTftmfefte,btoo,0i»»,ftaitanDtoom!Ow. 

l^f TOafbt0pw«mgtofllp?o»t3ltoflife, 

«a!W6 m« to coAre 31 Uwnto not fufl&r one» 

, 3^«f.ftniau«t«3HKmeanfitftatplciittt, 

g 3'Ui?rsIfe)3trotoamgotitnoa]^alonf, 

I i^ea,bpt(>cflparfefffberetoer8tto«it», 

J • #aftciiomo?caD0batftnDtb?bca6e, 

.t'^ttMWotw- 3itommabe tbe tbattbon Utolteat twmmbimt, 

,j 3KarIenomojBatfl!?afterSPojo«tbair, 

J; Pibattbercegtberailjauebtmflam^ 

f entMitiOi ^^ellejsfrommsfigbtbets^ebDey 

latttnwe l^ewnetteriifeefotronbtemeagame, 
rrTj . a^arwntWmaibattcbioogbfbtmmbrtJbc 

^Codim^n^t aDbetongertbonUwCtbemo^fiDletboiiarf, 
SDIitfi f tbc batb been off en rwteD, 
ifo;fomiicbaatboubBapfap8,fo£b8ftotegparf, . 
;as a finle tbou Half be inm? rcqniteo, 
? repjefent <lDotMi fetiere inogement, 
mmb ealltetb not iobere to ff r&c*e«otb parecfe. 

^.iAt.,'i ■■ -i^i-uTI'j^-;!' ; ,'■; jiii^,.,. . '-.. , ■ ■ . ■\ij 



A new Cottimecfie , calTtfcf 

£>f tW im^iow fole btrc calico S0msi 
Ml^o I^atb farf f t'^re is no dDoo in t)ts bnrf « 
IBts Ijolp latocs, be baa ftoutlji blafpljenjco, 
0otilv' E^iTcipiinc coulQ neucr l)is niino conuarf> 
tiacrtuc no? boncftw are not of tjintcaemco. 

a^eftilence tafee ttjem Ijojetunhnauetf, 
2Cl)0pare cuer abfentVoben^Jibaue neenty 

l^ojcfunncs b;ing ^ouf clubby, billet, boioedjf ftmtgf 
3 fee tbat it is tijne noU) to taljc bcf OS. 

Godsiudgtrc't accojotngbntabisntoftiuicliebbeleuc, 

^0 loitb bis neigbbours Uiicbeoicbe ocaletb, 
i^rom tbe po;e b« botb taSc anb notbing ootb gcoe, 
1^ opp;teiretb,bjpbetf),bcftaui!etb,anD ftealetb, 
31f be bckacb (IDoD,stDti toojbes to rtluaroe, 
janb BDeuillcs toicbeones to puntd) in ffre> 
i^is pjomifes anD tb^eatcsbe idouIq mo}z regarDi^ 
^0 penance anpfojmcrci'DflVe. ^ 

asut fucb fcolcs in tbetr barts Do fap, • ' 

SLbat tberr is no (IDoD,nertbcr l^rautn,no? I^et^. i 
acco;tDing to tbeir failing tbe^ foUoU) tbat toap, 
£.ibe as a title befo^ 31 Did tell, 
. i^8;asmurbast0ngranceto<DoDDotbbeIongy 
^rD bee tuiU tbe fame retontpance* , 

S^bat be ts a dDoD of povuer^migbtic anD ff rong» 
SE^bc fa>!es (ball bnoUi b? erperience, 
tKnitb tbis rtuo^D of i)engeance dB (tribe tbce* ^ 

SDb? tDtcbcD l^QlDfebolD (balbe Dirpcrfca, 
Cb? cbilD^en ^albe nsteD out to tbe fourtb ocgrgty 
JLibe astbe moutb of ®oo-batb rebcrfrD* 

Cptbcr 3 baue tbe falling ficbenes, I 

13D? elles toitb tbe )@alfei; I am ff rtbem . 
Bifeeleinm? felfe no manner of qutdt^nei^ | 

3lbeginnenoloaniangli?toacben. ^r| 

Goisuipcit 3lftboubaftgracefo;mercpneU)caII, . 1 

^et tb? fonlepercbaunce tbou matfl^faoe: * j 

i^o? bis meres is aboue bis tt)o;bes all, | 

^ penitent Onners be is Vuontmercf to Idaae, '\ 

^te«: atUjasbataqtwluiccaroeoMermBtarti 

^^ ^ --4 


lit ^un fall 


^1 neT<5l?gertTiouIiuerf thctMowfboIetBouirt 

3 lache not^mg but a cttpp; of gooo tiaaine. . 
QeasioJgmft BinDuratelOKtcbc0(an notconuerty 
entrt tfon^ 15utDtcm tl)0trfiU()mesltbe (tumc. 
faftonkDitii ]i5eboIot)erecomctb(IiameantiConfci(ton» 
an III faaou: g^^^ rcioarD of fuel) totcbcO fooUa all: 

Subt'S ' ^° ^" ^^ ^•'►'^ **" appcare tftp abuaoit, 

ficfiDc tn £!^i)^ tDictteDnrs,anD falfc btleue to great aitb ftnall. 

(anoBRB. I^ere ut an iU fauourrD bnauc bt> tbc ^aOe, 
Moros. (]jet tfie bcnce tbeefe tottb a toanion. 

GoJiT dffmf CljiBWtljcrctoarDof fnctiafailifliatrc, 
"*" * i^oj euermoi^e be Ibalbe tb? companion. 
ConMon. CbelDtfefiiaUbauebonoui'inpoircffion, 
SDbustbe Uitfe&tng j^omonbotbfat?: 
ybut t\)t po;tton of Mat ia Confufion, - :. 

tsan btcb abibctb toitb tbtm fo; tutr anb ar^ 

Go^tuJgnict Confu(tonfpoi[?{£bnnof btsaraf, 
CDene bun bt£ ftoles coate fo; btm bur: 
l^tB cbarnt anb bi« ffaffe tahe tbou atoat!* 
3|n fo;oU) anb care fo; cucr let bun rue. 
M oror. Zttt 3 a flecpe> in a b;eame,o; tn a trauncey 
Cuer me tbmbe tbat 31 Qjoulb be Utabing: 
yBoH's of <3^ ttjie 18 a bionberfull cbaunce, 
Jean not ffanb on m^ fatt fo; quahtng. 
' Coiifu£on. SB tbe earcs of an aOr appeareb tn ^tttaffj 
£CI)0ugb it locre long er it tocre Rnolone, 
^0 at lengtb euermo;c it cometb to palTc* 
SCbat tbe follp of fcDleo is opcnlic blotone, 
dnb tben in tbis UioilD tbe^ baue corifuQon» 
Abatis rep2ofe,beri0on,anb open ibame, 
Snb luben tbe? baue enbcb all tbcir abuiion, 
^bet> leaue,bel)inb tbem an abbomtnablc namr> 
ContefoUfli ^o;os, come go lutrb me> 
0nb i fliall b;ing tbee to a IbanicfttU cnbc, 
ffbr malice teill not let tbe, tbr folp to foe, 
^0 tbat tbou ball not tbe grace, tb? life to amenb. 
Moroj. Sana!,amen,tobercifimpg<DbIi?gcare, 
31 fee toell tbat 31 inas a flecpc inbsbCt 
Wtiatiun I fatnc a foles coate to tDcarct 



•V <;.* 



~A new Commcdie^ called 

Mee muff Icarne at Cljjiff crotTe me fpeefie^ 
^Dtt)er S toofi a <Dentleman anD l^ati {zxwmx&ts^ 
£D; eUt SO^tatneD ttjat Bl tDa« a (Dentleniatn 

HBut tftou art no to a pcfant of al pefanf cs, 
<aoenfion ano motbc to ^n ano MIoman, 
Cum fo jt6 of tl)i? foil? to rcceiue tljg lj??0, 
Confunon,pouerti?e,fickene0, ano puntfl^menf, 
ano after tWs life eternall fgje, 
jSOnefo; fo)le0 ttiat be impenitent. 

<:Do iDttb t^eeill fauonreDbnane, 
% \m leuer (tou toert imngeo \y^ tl^e neclte, 
3if it pleafe t^e 2>entll me to (jaue, 
ILet 6im carie me atoa? onlbiis bacbe. 

Bl totll carr? tbffi to tbe ^enill in Dsbe) 
SDbe too^lo Oialbe toell rtooe of a fmle. 

Deto to tbe SDentU d&oo feno t)0 goo fpisiie, 
0n otber tobile tottb tbe jaDeutll 3 mttit go to fcljole. 
Go<{s iua§m«t j|Foj Cnne tboagb <i5oD fuffretl^ Bimpietie, 
<Dreatli; to tbe bitbononr of biff name* 
l^et at lengtb be tb}otoetb ootone Bjniqm'ttey 
Snoputtetbtbe antbourstberoftofldame, 
$^0 confoun&eD beti?;ante0 in times paS, 
vasbom boll? ^riptnre fcoles Dotb tall, 
fz% as bcattes bere tbeir times tbe? bio toatf, 
•anb from our toicbeones to an otber oto fall, 
mabat (ball toe neebe tbeir names to recite, 
j^eing tbat ener? manbatboftbembearb, 
3|n our times toe bauebnotone foles full of fptte, 
^nb in tbis too;lo baue feene tbeir retoaro, 
tiDee bo not onl? tbem fcDlcs call bere, 
Wbicbbaue nottbeperfigbt tJfe of reafon, 
innocents toberof be man? farre anb ncre, 
3in tobom btfcretton \& geafon, 
5l3ut tbofe are tbc greateft ftoles p;operl?, 
Wbicb btf oaine to leame faptcnce, 
%^ rpeabe,to oo,to too;ke, all tbingrs o?berlr> 
0nD as CDob batb gtuen intelligence, 
ai5ut contran'e to nature auD dDoos totU, - ^ 

f.- ... 

.■ • 

t-..'-,'- : ' . 



The longer thou liucft the more foolc thou art; y J 

SC!)C^ftoppcnjctrcpwt6;ougf) toilful! 3!gno?anc0, 1 

SCI^c?ft6eto0ea,top?tfoit,topole,topiU, ' 

iDnlp foj tljeir otonc furtherance, 

fl)f aU ffflles inUttDc ttjis is tf)t toojff binDe, ,i 

tiaaijeroftljtf! time toe Ijaue trcatcD, 
IHilbicf) to alt mtfcfjicfc gcuetlj ijis minDe, 
flno refufetlj to be inftrutfeD, 
^anp tljinges moc of folcs toe couId f al&e, 
31But toe ijaue DctaincD long our anaience, 
(,,, anotfjcrtoapSiamcompeUeDtotoalbe, 

I €ntte aiuMi. ^efiring pou a toEjilc to banc patience. Go out 

i&ereiuaon. aitljougl) tljts folc of toljom toe bane fpofecn, 
** i^atbrefufeDallljoncfterercire, 

^cttljcfcartfiof toifcmcndDotitiotI) open, 
^ertuonfe occupation not to fiefptfe, 
i^o? tjnDoubteolp it is as ftaru as tbe^ fai?, 
SCO get tfjc ftcpter out of tbe bano of ^crcules, 
;9s fej one to be tocll occupico nigbt oj oa^, 
SLbat is nufeleD in tnbappp Bitilcncs, 
Jf o; as Thcophilaftus ootb to;ite, 
SWencsbatb taught alt intquitie, 
1 jano as dBjecbiclalfoDotb recite, 

f aulencstaugbttbefeottomitesimpictte, 

' ^encrtoiUiibclcuetbatmangooDtobc, 

TObetber be be of tbe Clcrgie o; ILap, 
Wi])am lilt ana not toell occupieD 31 fet, 
Mbicb DO notbing bat eate,5?tn6e,anD plaj. 
Ketie. Me Oefire no man brre to be offenoeD, 
3!n tbat toe tjfe tbis tcrme Pictic, 
tiailbicb is cefpifeo ano tiil^ penoeD, 
^f Gnners anD autbours of Biniquittr, 
i^ojtbe l^eatben labilofopbers anD ^jafours, 
tiafeo tbe fame terme ana in tbe fame fence, 
Hearneo Cb;tifftans tme too;r^ippers, 
CreateD of pictte toitij bis frience, 

'^ Plato, Araftotlc,Valerius,aiidTully, 

l ^roteofpieticanDoinerfeotber, 

;ano calico it an [^qnottr one to d^oo onl^ 

A ncwComraedic.calkJ 

0nD a natural! Datic to f atftcr am pother, 
0aint Augultinc tnbfsbooheof (H^D0 citie, 
^m in otber /^oble luo;b0 t^at be tin mabe, 
SErcatctljftoltl]? of tbis tcrmc pjetie, 
;anti a^ be botb taki; tt/o DO toe it tabe, 

IpfaediUa (apicnt>a cjux PietJs vocacury 

C^nacolitur Pater luminum; 

Atjuo eft omnc datum optimum. : 

SEbat w rtjc b'cft fa?ieiice notifieB, 
Mlifidiis taUcD^ictietn beebe, 
MberbiJtbcfatber t)f tiffbtwtBojftippeo, ^ ' 
iPromtDbomencrPBfflb giftootbp^oceeoe, 
Di%iinc SCoucbtngmsperToncaUcDDirctpIine* 
3ln tbe p?occire,|bane raio fufftcitnt, 
^et to enbe tottb Tome boneffe bottrine, 
l^ou diM bere a Icameo mans iubgement, 
%\jt{t be man^ SDifcipltnes as dcitbours bo ta^i, 
^mongalMberebe ttuo p;mctpaUf 
SDbat be Scire & Sapcrc sdt)}a?> 
SLo baue cunnins anb toifbom Uiitball. 

ExercicatioB. Vt f luuiofus habens gUdium , Ck do^us iniquus. 

^itbout fatletbisisanotalileberre, 
BIlDOulDallmcncotihttiueU b? roate, 
S^befcntence tbcrof Salomon botb rcberfe* 
31 totOje all tbe anbietice it to noate, 
;at»tcbeomanbatringIearntnganQ canning, 
^anQbotbrnan^fciencestmberftanD, « 

3i0 libe one lubofc iDtttes are ranntng, 
3 meaneamabbe man batitng a rtoo^b tnbisbano. 
Picric iFo;amabbemanbaningtnbisbano eogetole, 
^ebetb botb bitn relfe anb otber to &iU> 
^oacanningman tDttbont lutf bom is but afcDle* 
iHi boti) btm felfe anb man^ otber be botb rpiH, 
3Let btm bumblte beC,re of ©oo coermo^e, 
;;; CbatbetoiUaifogcuebimfapicnfe, ^. 

''' SCobettoU)« but cunning to bis bonoan 

f • The longer thou liucITtTie more fooiemou arts 

Difcipline. SCWstBtfjefumof tljcljole titfcnt, 

2Co inoucc v?outti to tfjcfc tiuo afo;f cfattir, 
Scire &Sapcre^uhnoU)iDl)at is mcnt, 
2bb£n manp tfjingM amtlTc ftalbc iBcIl ffatDc. 
Excrciution. 2Do lea HIE manp tljtngcs , ano mani? tbtngcB to feitotD, 
SZlitn to banc lutf Doni tt)c fame to Direct, 
, SCbcfcbctlDoH>ifcipIincsmcctcfo?ljpea!)tilotae, 
©afjtcf) to all t)ertue« Do ttre minoc erect. 
Pietic. i?o?tl)istimctocel)aucfa?D fufficicnt, 
ffljaitb Scire and Sapcrc iuemafec an enoe, 
defecting our Ho^l) dDoD omnipotent, 
^bat among ts Itis grace \)t map fence. 
Difcipline. ana bere U>e make an enDe trudtng tbat all pou pjefenf 
t!liiatU beare ts rcco^De tbat no cSatc luc Defame; 
%o p;a^fe tbc gcDD o;^oer , nolu fct is our intent, 
lanDto furtbectbeslo;(t?of <!DoD0 boli?name. 
Exerdcsdoo, <!>oD faue tbe ^ueene0 l^gbnes^anD tbe ^obilitie, 
^efenDberlongloebefaecbetbee llo;De: 
Wbicb ie tbe )9atroncae of all bumUitie, 
^ fetter fo;tb of trntb , and louer of conco;^tu 
PI^ <E>oJi p;eren» tb^ sDuecnes moH bono^able Conncellj 
Witb all tbe ^agtltrateft of ttis ISegton, 
SE^bat tber map agree tomaintaine <Dow dDofpell, tbe mod true auD ftncere Religion, 
SCo rate out ^ntecbjiff 31 p^an Coo tbe? ma^i tafte papne 
SDben tuill tbe ILo^o fond tbcm bonour anD fame, 
janD after tbis life, ^tue tbem tbe retoaro of tbe fame. 
£>ircipUiie. ^jai? tDs fo; tbe Clergte an& bole ^pidtualti^ 

SDbat tber map teacb ano fct fo;(tb (I^oDs trutb altoa^, 

%\}c(etdit'gou,ltt t$ pmv fib; tbe bole communaltie, 

SDbat tpontjs all, d&oDmercp take map, 

^0 tbat ecbe one of t0, in tbe hgbt U)ap map ffapr , 

311 gIo;^p,bonour,tmperp,maicfl:ie,ano Dignitie, 

35; ZCttm botb no^ * ene rmo^e to tbe bUdeb ^rtnttie* 

F/JAC/j-. " a 



■ ,' - >; ■ 


f ~^^ 

..iSSf ... 

,^4 "Cv' ! ,n.;iv •. 


' ■. \ ■■".< i 

■ V:f 

>:-% y 

■Z,..' "' *»>■.. 

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